May 18, 2023

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At present, the internet is being ruled by eCommerce websites. Even though this is a significant factor, it simultaneously hinders the possibility of new owners to establish themselves in the eCommerce platform. As a result, new owners have to take the help of new technologies and tools.

What makes the eCommerce websites better than the others is the use of the framework. With proper use of a web development environment or framework, there are many advantages. 

Although our article on Benefits of NodeJS Web Development For Growing Business covers a lot about amazing apps you can build using Node, today we will take a step forward to understand why to build an eCommerce app with Nodejs.

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Main Ecommerce Challenges: Overcoming the Hurdles of Modern Online Business

In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has grown exponentially, bringing along several challenges for online business owners. Today, building and scaling a successful eCommerce platform requires a lot more than just a good product and a reliable website. Let's delve into the main challenges faced by modern eCommerce businesses.

1- Competition is Fierce

With thousands of online stores competing for customer attention, building a successful eCommerce platform requires more than just a unique idea. To stand out in a crowded market, you need a website that delivers an exceptional user experience, a smooth buying process, and prompt customer support.

2- Finding the Right Talent

The modern software development market is evolving rapidly, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find developers with the right skills and experience. Plus, building a scalable eCommerce platform requires upfront capital and a dedicated team of developers.

3- Back-end and Front-end Compatibility

    Many coding languages don't support both back-end and front-end development. Additionally, most languages don't have enough plugins that can enhance their functionality. This presents a significant challenge for developers looking to create complex eCommerce platforms with unique features.

    4- Heavy Programming Frameworks

    Some of the best programming frameworks and languages used in eCommerce development are quite heavy, which can lead to slow loading times and a sluggish user experience. This can be detrimental to your eCommerce platform's success, as users expect fast and responsive websites.

    5- Agility Challenges

    In the rapidly changing eCommerce industry, businesses must be agile and able to quickly deploy new features and updates. However, many companies find it challenging to introduce new features due to the inefficiencies of their existing systems.

    6- Consistency Across Multiple Platforms

    Modern customers use multiple platforms to search for products, and building a consistent customer experience across these platforms is one of the biggest eCommerce challenges. To overcome this challenge, businesses need to create an omnichannel strategy that delivers a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

    eCommerce Challenges Solution?

    To overcome the challenges of modern eCommerce, you need a top-notch web app built with the best technology. That's where NodeJS app development services come in. Node.js is crucial for eCommerce because it enables programmers to build high-performance web apps that can handle logistics, payment gateways, suppliers, and other features seamlessly. Don't underestimate the importance of Node.js in building a successful eCommerce platform.

    What is NodeJS? (For Beginners)

    Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment that has been built on the V8 engine of Chrome in Javascript. This engine is used for developing web applications, and the programming language used is Javascript.

    Node.js is a solid architecture that is driven by events and has proved to be extremely useful. With Node.js, the performance of the website increases significantly. It takes less time and becomes much more cost-effective. Thus, the overall efficiency increases.

    Node.js is an excellent choice for real-time application development

    Building An E-Commerce Web Application With Node

    There are two potential choices of architecture when developing an eCommerce web application for an eCommerce store. They are:

    (a) Using the MEAN/MERN Stack Architecture

    (b) Using the Microservices Architecture

    1- Mean/Mern Architecture

    Firstly, this architecture consists of four key elements: MongoDB, AngularJS, ExpressJS, and NodeJS. These touchpoints work together to create a fully functional eCommerce web application that can handle a traffic count of up to 10,000.

    • The MEAN/MERN Stack architecture is perfect for those who are starting up their eCommerce business, as it's a straightforward and easy-to-use framework. It allows for quick development and deployment of web applications, making it a top choice for many startups.
    • Using AngularJS for the front-end development ensures that your eCommerce website will be user-friendly, attractive, and easy to navigate. ExpressJS is another important element, as it supports the creation of simplified interfaces.
    • NodeJS, on the other hand, provides a non-blocking I/O model with event-driven mechanisms, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
    • Lastly, MongoDB is crucial for data storage and continuous operation of your eCommerce web application. It's a database that's designed to handle large amounts of data, making it an ideal choice for an eCommerce website.

    In conclusion, if you're just starting out with your eCommerce business, the MEAN/MERN Stack architecture is a great option to consider. It's easy to use, efficient, and can handle a decent amount of traffic. So, why not give it a try and see how it can transform your eCommerce business?

    2- Microservices Architecture

    One of the main benefits of the microservices architecture is its flexibility. With the ability to work on each service individually, developers can deploy product-specific metadata and work on specific features, eliminating the need for a monolithic approach and reducing maintenance.

    Furthermore, the use of different codes in microservices allows for more flexibility and eliminates the dependency on the technology stack. This makes it easier for developers to choose the right tools for the job, resulting in a more efficient and effective eCommerce web application.

    While the MEAN architecture is a great option for eCommerce websites with moderate traffic, the microservices architecture is ideal for large-scale applications with high traffic. This approach involves breaking down complex applications into smaller, more manageable chunks that can be developed and tested independently before being integrated for the final product.

    To ensure the success of your eCommerce web application, it's important to hire a team of skilled developers who have extensive knowledge of the technology and can create feature-rich and responsive applications. With the right team and the microservices architecture, you can take your eCommerce business to the next level and keep up with the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.

    After understanding the importance of choosing the right architecture for your eCommerce web application, it's time to explore the benefits of using Node.js for development.

    So, What Are The Benefits Of Using Node.Js For Developing eCommerce Websites?

    Node.js is an excellent choice for real-time application development

    1- Very High Scalability

    The best Node.js feature is probably its high scalability. For any eCommerce website, there is involvement in multiple connections and servers. As a result, the functioning of the website does not remain smooth with time.

    With the use of Node.js, it is possible to use the application and the web pages correctly. This is because it is possible to generate many connections with multiple servers simultaneously with NodeJS. It also supports multiple servers, and the framework is highly customizable.

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    2- Helps In Reducing Cost

    Node.js is extremely helpful for any eCommerce company as it greatly reduces the overall cost. There are mainly two reasons why Node.js requires less money. This is because it uses code repetition and Javascript programming on both the client and the server sides.

    Also, Node.js is an open-source platform. Hence, developers can also change the code if necessary. With the reuse of codes, time is taken, and the investment for the website's development is reduced a lot.

    Also, with the front end and back end using the same language, businesses can hire Node js developers without hiring an entire team. This reduces the cost as well.

    3- Super-Fast Working

    The reason e-commerce websites are preferred is because of their smooth functioning and quick navigation. When the website fails to do so, website users will leave the site.

    As a result, a faster framework that can help perform multiple operations at high speed is required. Node.js is the best option in this regard.

    With Node.js, it is possible to get super-fast web loading speed, website updating, and fast execution of the programming code. Any giant eCommerce app that is known for speedy operations is all using Node.js as its framework.

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    4. Compilation In An Asynchronous Manner

    The method for code compilation used in Node.js is asynchronous, and it is one of its unique features. As a result, the Node.js I/O model works in a non-blocking manner, and the total program gets compiled in a single execution. 

    Node.js doesn't have to wait for a typical sequence to come out. The I/O is allowed to execute different lines individually at the same time. This increases the operational and functional speed of the website immensely. As a result, eCommerce websites that experience heavy traffic can remain efficient and smoothly functional using the Node.js framework. Node development can take place at a faster rate as well. 

    5- Open-Source Platform

    Since Node.js is a platform, updating e-commerce websites is very easy. Newer versions can be quickly adopted with Node development. When the website gets more updates, Nodejs will easily enhance customer retention by building trust.

    Also, being an open-source platform means that the cost of purchasing licenses is exempted. Therefore, Node app development can occur quickly, with developers, creating and updating the codes.

    The support community for Node.js has also expanded globally. As a result, hiring developers for building eCommerce websites is much more convenient. With Node.js, web pages and data can be updated way faster. This significantly improves the success rate of any eCommerce website.

    6. Data Streaming Allowed

    For efficient working of the eCommerce site, data streaming is essential. This framework does not consider the HTTP requests as separate events. Instead, it entirely focuses on data streaming. With this, the website and mobile apps' overall speed, functionality, and efficiency can be improved. Instead of reading the entire data, which takes much time, small data chunks are read and streamed.

    7. Compatibility In Cross-platforms

    Node.js is a framework that is compatible with multiple operating systems. The inbuilt libraries, along with other functions, ensure that various function coding is not required.

    Hence, for any Node app development, the developers need not code a lot. Many of the procedures get relaxed, and only Javascript is enough to code the necessary programs.

    8. NPM Or Node Package Manager

    There are many inbuilt modules present in Node.js. The entire function becomes relatively easy with Javascript library modules and easy installation of external modules through NPM.

    With no dependency anymore, Node.js becomes independent with NPM. This is a huge advantage, and many developers opt for Node.js for this sole purpose. Google developed the NPM, which runs on a V8 motor, same as Node.js, and it is highly advantageous for eCommerce stores. With NPM, there is a gradual decrease in the servers that are essential for the smooth running of the programs.

    Must have features of NodeJs Development

    When developing your e-commerce project with Node.js, it's important to consider the latest trends. The following are some key trend features that you should implement:

    • AI Chatbots

    By using AI chatbots, you can engage in conversations with your customers, leading to increased response rates and customer satisfaction.

    • Push Notifications

    Push notifications provide another effective way to communicate with your users. This approach allows you to keep your customers informed about important updates such as delivery status.

    • One-Click Payments

    By incorporating one-click payments, your users can complete their purchases more quickly, ultimately saving time.

    Key Highlights

    By the end of the blog, the key highlights that showcase why Node.js is the perfect choice for eCommerce website development are:

    Node.js can handle a large number of simultaneous connections

    It has a non-blocking I/O model for faster load times

    Its extensive library of modules and packages makes development faster and easier

    It is highly scalable and efficient, making it ideal for large-scale eCommerce websites

    Concluding Remarks

    Node.js is a game-changer when it comes to building eCommerce apps - its benefits are truly endless! 
    However, finding skilled developers with experience in this area can be a challenge, and managing the project from start to finish can be even more daunting.

    That's where Narola Infotech comes in- we're here to help you overcome these challenges and bring your eCommerce ideas to life. Whether your project is simple or complex, don't hesitate to reach out to us for expert assistance. Let's work together to create an eCommerce app that will take your business to new heights!

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