September 19, 2022

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Do you know the success formula for web apps like Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, LinkedIn, and others? All of them use NodeJS web application development services. NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment built on the V8 engine of Chrome in Javascript. This engine is also used for creating web applications, and the programming language used is Javascript.

Developers use NodeJS to create web apps in 85% of cases, while 43% use it to develop smart and user-friendly corporate applications. For instance, after choosing NodeJS web development, PayPal saw a reduction in average response time of 35%.

Additionally, this JavaScript runtime environment lowers development expenses by 58% while boosting application performance by 50%. Large companies desire modern features and increased efficiency since they may save millions of dollars. Thankfully, NodeJS combines the best of both worlds by offering faster startup times and futuristic functionality.

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Top Reasons to Use NodeJS Web Development Services

There are several advantages for organizations when creating web applications with NodeJS technology. Here are the top reasons why you should hire NodeJS developer to upgrade your products and services today:

  • By using NodeJS, organizations can cut development expenses by 58%. Developers can also develop a web application more quickly and efficiently thanks to the cross-platform JavaScript runtime.
  • NodeJS' lightning-fast performance contributes to remarkably faster loading times. Additionally, it might speed up loading by 50% to 60%.
  • The community surrounding the open-source platform is strong as well as well-supported. Due to its superior tools, libraries, and frameworks, 49.9% of professional developers utilize it.
According to a Forbes report, the need for developers skilled in NodeJS development services has grown exponentially by 2,493 percent.

Top Skills Required for NodeJS App Development

Before you hire freelancer developers or developers from a reputed NodeJS web development company, ensure that they are experts in these skills so that you can get the best outcome from their services. Let us take a look:

1. Experience in NodeJS Development

NodeJS is an open-source platform, and people continue to add features and functionality to it every year. As a result, a wide variety of tools and frameworks are accessible. To contribute to bug fixes and patches, the developer needs knowledge of and proficiency with widely used tools, frameworks, and IDEs.

2. Front-end Development Experience 

The NodeJS developer must not only have experience with the software but also be able to perceive how the end users will view it. With this information, the developer will be able to create good interfaces.

3. Knowledge of APIs 

A skilled NodeJS developer can decipher API codes, which are used to carry out certain tasks. They can also smoothly combine various systems because of this.

4. NodeJS Framework Experience 

If the developer has worked with a range of NodeJS frameworks, they will be able to use their expertise to increase the functionality and features of these frameworks.

5. Asynchronous programming expertise 

We recommend hiring a NodeJS development company with this expertise. Because, this makes it possible to carry out several tasks simultaneously, cutting down on lead times and accelerating development.

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8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a NodeJS Development Company

Choosing the finest NodeJS development business from a plethora of possibilities necessitates concentrating on a variety of factors. Continue reading and double-check all of these criteria.

Q1-What Level of NodeJS Programming Experience do you Have?

Every business has different specifications for Node JS development. Others may desire to build scalable enterprise apps, while some may also need top level online applications. Therefore, before hiring, you must verify that the NodeJS development team has the skills necessary to meet your unique requirements.

Furhtermore, it takes more than general Node JS application development knowledge to provide your product or service with a competitive edge. The programmer ought to be skilled in the kind of NodeJS -based application you intend to create.

Q2-How Effective are you at Writing Code?

One of the traits of a Node JS developer is the ability to write legible code. Thus, if you decide to work with a Node JS developer, bear that in mind. Look for a programmer who is also skilled in this knowledge. Quality and code needs are also susceptible to change. Work with a NodeJS development firm that employs knowledgeable experts with excellent coding abilities.

Q3-What Knowledge of NodeJS Development do you Possess?

Verify that the development team you select possesses:

  • Firstly, Comprehensive front-end technology skills.
  • Secondly, Proficiency in the Agile and Scrum approaches.
  • Thirdly, Experience in writing integration testing and GitHub coding skills.
  • lastly, Understanding of complex design coding.

They should be experts in the skills mentioned above, as well as CSS, HTML, databases, JavaScript, etc. At the same time, confirm that the development team has knowledge of the market for your product.

As top providers of NodeJS development services:

Q4-What Kinds of NodeJS Programming Services Do You Provide?
  • We create scalable, high-performance, as well as cross-platform mobile applications and use native NodeJS app development services.
  • We also create enterprise web app solutions that are dependable, safe, and scalable for large-scale businesses.
  • Integration and migration of NodeJS to maximize the platform's potential.
  • We provide consultation for all issues relating to the development, deployment, customization, etc., of your products and services.
  • We also provide regular support.
Q5-Do you have DevOps expertise in addition to the HTTP protocol?

It is also critical to realize that NodeJS development experience extends beyond the traditional HTTP protocol. therefore, look for a team that can work on protocols like XMPP server/client or peers-to-peer. The ability to create such apps shows the development team's detail grasp and experience of the technology.

Consequently, make sure the NodeJS developer you employ is DevOps certified. Expertise in DevOps and NodeJS deployment will also allow them to handle load balancing and scale the program across several databases and servers properly.

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Q6-Do you have a front-end or back-end development area of expertise?

A front-end developer concentrates on the UI of a web application. They are in charge of the application's look and other aspects, which include everything the user sees.

On the other hand, a back-end developer creates and maintains processes that operate in the background and are not visible to users. It focuses on experiences and functionality.

This can help you determine whether the development team is a good fit for your Node JS development needs. Your Node JS development team should ideally include both front-end and back-end developers.

Q7-How Much Does NodeJS Development Cost?

This is also a key question to ask when looking to employ an experienced NodeJS developer for web application development. Knowing how much it costs to hire NodeJS expert can help you keep on budget without ruining the quality of your web application. For example, a Node JS developer's annual pay in the United States might range from $78K and $116K. On the other hand, senior programmers with 5+ years of knowledge may earn up to $200K per year.

Q8-Do You Have Solid Asynchronous Programming Knowledge?

Asynchronous programming avoids errors by performing two or more functions at the same time. So, NodeJS's asynchronous nature emphasizes its importance. Additionally, to get the most out of your Node JS development project, choose experts that are familiar with its properties and increase its reaction time without any problem.

Why are Famous Companies Using NodeJS Apps?


Choosing a top NodeJS development company may impact the quality and dependability of your services, be it a simple online application or a complicated one.

Therefore, all you have to do is recognize your growth needs and work with a team that meets them. Finding a decent one might not be easy, but if you follow the advice above, you will be able to select the best NodeJS engineers for your project.

As one of the most reputed development firms in India, we also assist our clients in finding a variety of complex projects and circumstances. Regarding the caliber, and safety of your initiatives, you may relax and trust us with your brand.

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