February 2, 2021

Leena Sanap


Used today in almost every industry, machine learning is the technique of classifying the information and predicting the future to enable businesses to make important decisions. When everyone's utilizing it, how can Google be far behind?

In today's world, it has earned the title of being somewhat omnipresent. Not surprisingly, Machine learning in Google takes center stage, and the search giant invests heavily in it. It claims to be the first machine learning company.

Have you ever wondered how Google turns up with such precise and accurate search results? Are you often surprised by the predictive word and phrase suggestions in its search bar? Well, all of it has been made possible by the development of models of machine learning in Google.

Google machine learning algorithms are used by programmers to enable it to impart a much-improved search and translation experience for users. Machine learning is being applied by the search giant in all of its products and services. Let's have a look at some of Google machine learning services.

Google Translate

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) enables Google to quickly translate more than 6000 languages for users residing in different places in the world. This technique of machine learning in google examines millions of translated web documents and learns vocabulary while finding out similar patterns in a language.

Next, it selects the most accurate and probable translation for a new piece of text. The combination of statistics and mathematics used in Google machine learning algorithms makes it decode and translate almost any language instantly.

Rapid and productive decision making

The high speed of Hadoop and in-memory analytics, together with the ability to examine new data sources, enable businesses in prompt information analysis. It imparts them with rapid and productive decision-making ability.

Google Photos

Today's generation is addicted to clicking and sharing photos; Instagram's widespread popularity attests to this fact. Google Photos provide a variety of different services for its users. Photos shot from numerous devices can be saved in a single place.

You shall be surprised by seeing an album consisting of various photos that you clicked at some point automatically created on your phone. Google machine learning algorithms go a step ahead and show your best photos from the album.

Google deep learning is at play when you search for a specific photo, say one with a particular object, and it shows you all the pictures with that object. It happens due to Image Recognition, which uses Deep Learning to process millions of images and classify them correctly.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is there to take care of your every need. To assist you in your everyday tasks, machine learning in google utilizes Artificial Intelligence technologies like Natural Language Processing, Google Knowledge Graph, and Image Recognition to make sense of and act upon what the user is saying.

Google Assistant can be envisioned as your personal chatbot that converses with you and helps you with all your daily tasks, from finding any information online to reading out your phone's notifications, and so much more in between!


It was created to help scientists discern what actually the deep learning neural networks saw when they looked at an image. This deep learning algorithm has now turned into a type of abstract art.

It is a computer program that finds and enhances the patterns in an image to create a result that can either be silly, funny, or downright terrifying! You can upload any image to this program and see it transformed into something quite outside of your imagination within seconds.


RankBrain, which utilizes deep neural networks, is a product of a very intelligent technique of machine learning in Google. It helps you get to the most accurate search result by typing in certain words and phrases related to your query.

In simple words, RankBrain has enabled Google to understand, identify, and recognize how your words shape your search context. For example, you want to know who is the United States president and the name of his children, if any. You know neither the name of the president nor his children. What can you do? Simply type 'president of US children.' You are sure to get the exact answer you've been looking for!


The neat categorization of your mails into social, promotional, and primary categories is a prime example of machine learning in google. The direction in which you mark a new mail is learned by Gmail, which automatically begins to mark similar mails in your preferred directions after a short time. Moreover, it also makes it incredibly easier and faster for you to write your emails and send replies through its 'Smart Compose' and 'Smart Reply' feature.

The support is available not just for English but also for four major languages globally, namely Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugal. These features are one of the best offerings from Google.

Google Adsense

A feature that often surprises many is coming across advertisements related to their previous searches on the web. What really happens is that the machine learning in google enables it to constantly monitor and keep track of whatever users search for on it. Based on that, data advertisements are recommended to people as now Google is aware of the user's preferences.

This feature benefits website owners also as they get the opportunity to increase their earnings. Ads are displayed on the site by matching their text with the advertisements according to the content and site visitors.


With its various products and services leveraging machine learning technology, Google has significantly eased our day-to-day lives. With its wide-ranging benefits, it is natural that the services of Machine Learning company experts are not just relegated to Google, but various other leaders in this field

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