February 10, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


NodeJS is mistaken as a programming language of its own. This is incorrect since it is a JavaScript runtime environment. Although this misconception exists, Node is very effective at developing software for any purpose.

Node ranks as the technology of choice for businesses to use internally or externally among users to make profits. This applies now and it won’t be changing in 2022 either. Here are 10 reasons why you should be looking to hire NodeJS developers more seriously.

7 Reasons Why Node Has A Bright Future In 2022

Proof That You Need Node App Development Services In 2022!

NodeJS was first launched back in 2009 and has amassed quite a large and loyal following every day since. With the progress being made with every update, it is impossible for Node to fizzle out in 2022! If the trends are anything to believe, the opposite will happen. Here is some reasoning to support this prediction. 


If you thought speed is not a concern for your application, you are very wrong! Internet users of today will only wait for a few seconds before giving in to impatience. This is why your web app development must incorporate facilities that offer enhanced performance. 

With Node, you don’t have to make such accommodations as Node has Google’s V8 engine to power its performance. Speed won’t ever be a cause of concern with Node. It reduces the amount of time taken for code to be converted to machine language as well as exhibits concurrent request handling. 


As startups and small-sized businesses continue to flourish well into 2022, costs will always remain an important factor. Costs are what usually restrict businesses and their operations. The fact that Node is open-source assures that it will always be an option for low-financed establishments. 

Whether you are hiring a NodeJS development company or individual developers, the open-source nature of Node greatly lowers development costs. This comes as a relief because money saved on development can be efficient in another area. 


Investors know planning for the current moment is a bad idea and a costly one! Every business owner starts a business in the hopes that it continues to expand. If you really expect this to happen, you must have software that is scalable. Employing NodeJS app development services can address your app’s scalability concerns. 

Node is a scalable technology and there is no compromise with speed even with increases in user requests. The application of Google’s V8 engine facilitates speed requirements while the I/O handling of Node helps application development.   

SEO Friendly

If you want your business to be very successful you cannot ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will be glad to hear that Node comes with the ability to pursue your SEO activities without much hindrance. 

Most businesses ignore SEO and go on to develop a website that doesn’t support activities that contribute to search engine rankings.  However, only to find out it was a big mistake! This then requires the business to develop its website again and account for its support for SEO. 

Large Experienced Community

Looking at the Node community gives reassurance that NodeJS app development is the road to take your business down. With a well-rounded community that has ample experience at every level of Node development, you stand with the masses. 

Node.JS has even been ranking in the charts above its competing technologies. But, there’s more to using Node. Resources for Node are easily available on the internet including GitHub, a developer resource website. This community is also very quick to pick up and diagnose issues relating to code and app performance.  

Forerunner In Real-Time and Streaming App Development

Most applications that engage a large amount of engagement and traffic are real-time applications. Examples of real-time apps include social media apps and games. If you want your application to be able to handle real-time functions, Node is the right choice. 

Node’s asynchronous operation enables better functioning between the application, CPU, and memory. Hence, Node would be perfect if you want to make a video streaming application without compromised loading speeds. 

No Steep Learning Curve

Being based on JavaScript, NodeJS boasts of being part of one of the most common and popular programming languages. Developers won’t have a hard time getting accustomed to your software even a year or two down the line.  

JavaScript is one choice you won’t regret as you may not have to redesign your website or application so soon. 


Node is efficient and nothing about that will change now or in the foreseeable future. There are many reasons for this statement. Node has speed, cost, scalability, community, and learnability rooting for it. 

In a way, you could call NodeJS development services evergreen. JavaScript is a worthy programming language that is not going away anytime soon. Placing your bets on NodeJS is a wise decision and one your users will be thankful for.

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