When launching an online business, one of the most important decisions to make is which technology to use. There has been a significant growth in demand for reliable IT solutions in recent years. Businesses are seeking strategies to adapt to the growing popularity of technology among their target audiences to achieve their objectives.

Websites have become synonymous with a business’s brand image. They express its identity and serve as a functional and operational route for potential customers to reach the business.

Since technology has grown so rapidly in the last decade, there are many IT solutions to choose from for your business. Among these options, PHP web application development is one of the most widely utilized programming languages by businesses.

Before we get into why PHP is the best for you, we will discuss some famous websites that use PHP. That will give you a perspective about the power of PHP and why it powers 80% of the websites.

Websites That Use PHP


1. Facebook

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has used PHP’s capacity to generate dynamic content in a matter of seconds. Both Zuckerberg and Moskowitz wrote the basic Facebook application code in PHP when they first created it. As a result, a big number of modern tech organizations now use PHP development.

In 2010, Facebook launched HipHop for PHP (HPHPc), a transpiler that converts source code into another language. HipHop for PHP converts PHP code to C++, which is subsequently compiled into binary for execution.

HipHop for PHP was eventually phased out in favor of the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) in 2013.

2. Yahoo

Most of us probably created our first email ID on Yahoo. Although it is now transitioning towards NodeJS, Yahoo was the first website that gave us our first taste of the Internet. And it was built entirely using PHP web application development. It still has 225 million monthly users even after getting replaced by Google. 

3. MailChimp

It’s no surprise that the backend of one of the most well-known email marketing companies uses scalable PHP databases. MailChimp is an email marketing and marketing automation software founded in 2001 by an American firm.

MailChimp has used PHP web development services to send over 340 billion emails to its 13 million registered subscribers as of 2020.

4. WordPress

We can understand the popularity of PHP by the fact that the most popular content management system uses it. It enables WordPress to interface with databases and retrieve data.

WordPress is an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL and is primarily used for blogging. It utilizes PHP to get crucial database components and display them as static HTML.

With little to no coding skills, millions of active daily users can create/use templates and drag/drop website UI components. And all of this has been possible because of PHP development.

Websites, traditional email lists, media galleries, online commerce, and forums are all supported with WordPress.

5. Etsy

With over 81.9 million active buyers, Etsy has risen to become one of the top 10 most popular retail PHP websites in the United States.


Etsy has grown in popularity as a PHP-based e-commerce platform. It is the most competitive company in the retail industry that uses PHP web application development.

In fact, they recorded their webpage performance optimization experiments with HHVM. They also developed Phan, a static analyzer that can detect incompatibilities between PHP5 and PHP7 automatically.

6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most popular public information websites that uses PHP as a programming language. Just like Facebook, they migrated to HHVM in 2014 and were able to load page data almost twice as quickly.

It’s an open-source online encyclopedia, with 6,471,694 articles on the English version alone. Anyone can add to Wikipedia’s content. It also has an online vigilance and gate-keeping policy. It offers users access to limitless material on countless topics.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is a well-known microblogging platform and social networking platform. Users can submit multimedia messages, short blogs, and other information, including private blogs, to the platform. The 371 million monthly visitors of the Tumblr community have created around 529 million blogs.

Tumblr switched to PHP7 in 2016, citing significant performance improvements as well as new language features.

Why Use PHP Web Development Services


Since we have discussed the websites utilizing PHP, let’s know what are the advantages of using PHP.

1. Free and Open-Source

PHP is a free programming language that does not require any downloads or license costs. This widely available distribution has resulted in a sizable and active global community. Continuous improvements in functionality and a rising collection of resources and facilities are the product of a nearly three-decade-old open-source software community.

2. Saves Time

PHP is a somewhat object-oriented programming language that aims to make  the code reusable. In the software development cycle, reusable PHP components save time and effort, both of which are critical. That is why almost every PHP website development company uses it.

PHP frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Joomla, and WordPress provide functionality as well as quick and secure development procedures. This ends up reducing stress for the entire team.

With built-in GET and POST features, PHP has been designed for web application programming. It even has HTML and URL script functionality. For companies, this reduced time translates to a faster return on investment.

3. Flexible and Highly Integrative

PHP code is cross-platform and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, like Windows, Unix, Linux, and macOS. That’s why it is the favorite of every PHP web development agency.

The server-side flexibility of PHP is also mind-blowing. The backend supports more than 20 databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. It also supports servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, iPlanet, Caudium, Xitami, and Tornado.

Businesses can build cross-platform applications with PHP without worrying about compatibility issues.

4. Improved Speed and Performance

Page loading speed is critical for efficiently retaining website audiences. Unfortunately, the average human attention span is only 6-8 seconds. Therefore, if a website is slow, users will rapidly leave with a negative impression. That is the reason why you must hire PHP programmers who can make the most of this language.

PHP ensures short turnaround times by employing

      • Fast data processing tools
      • Excellent customization capability
      • A seamless connectivity with a variety of CMS


PHP scripts are much faster than other programming languages at solving real-time problems. That is because developers designed it with dynamic web page production in mind.

Developers can insert PHP scripts into HTML files, allowing them to quickly transform static website code into dynamic front-end apps.


In Conclusion

There is a reason why these famous websites use PHP for their development needs. If you also want to create an amazing dynamic website, you can go ahead with PHP development. However, you must be aware that using this tech requires a certain level of expertise.

Our PHP development company has a long list of websites that we have made for clients. We have many PHP teams who dedicatedly work on creating the best experience for users. If you need help with your PHP project, feel free to contact us anytime.

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