Last Updated: September 27, 2023


Leena Sanap


Tinder remains the most popular dating app among youth circles. Popularized by its swipe left or right operation mechanism, Tinder has set the bar high for all dating apps that are existing or thinking of entering the market. 

But, with people looking to get into, or back into the dating game, a new dating app stands a high chance of meeting new requirements of users. Making a Tinder clone app looks like a viable solution and calculated investment. Tinder clone apps have the opportunity to try to mirror the success of their original inspiration.     

One specific requirement that tends to lack in current dating apps is enhanced security, which is often bypassed by fraudulent people or those with fake profiles. If you are interested in investing in a Tinder clone app, do it right by preventing user safety issues. You can do so by incorporating a few safety and security features.            

Tinder Safety Features

Tinder apps are for finding people to date and have the benefit of meeting people you would otherwise never have the chance to meet in your regular or daily life! Posing as an advantage, this can also be a disadvantage. Cases of identity theft can even pose a threat to someone’s life if no security measures are taken by your dating app. Tinder app features should be flooded with security measures but should still find a way to retain fun elements that users have come to like.

Notifications and Alerts

A Tinder clone app must keep the safety of its users at the utmost level of importance. Although the app itself has a limit to how much security it can offer users, educating users for steps to possible safety, avoiding risks will go a long way. Most of the time it’s a user’s sixth sense that alerts them to a dangerous situation! 

So, in a step ahead in this direction, you can regularly provide short informative messages to your users that can give them an idea of what to do in a time of crisis. Share important numbers where they can seek help in cases of crisis.

You can also inform them to look out for some red flags like and shady characteristics like changing the date, time, and venue at the last moment, trying to ask too many personal questions in the first go, etc.! 

Providing users with quizzes and guidelines of real-life situations can give them an insight into how to spot a fake date. The goal is not to scare your user but to assure them that they are safe.

Tinder Safety Center

Providing help to those who need it is essential for keeping users safe and your app popular! A safety center is important to let your users know you are there for them. Users are less likely to use an app that lacks support and security measures. Would you use a dating app that offers no safety support? Probably not, right?  

A safety center would also be great to avoid any future controversies caused due to lack of user safety. Make sure to provide a way for users to report other users who break protocols or act inappropriately.    

User Verification (Photo Verification)

On a daily basis, a large number of people entrust the app with finding them a reliable and safe date. For this to be possible and for actual people to find a worthy partner, user identity must be guaranteed through cross-checking.     

Going on a date only to find the picture and face don’t match can be a nightmare. Or even worse, the photo uploaded is from 10 years ago! Situations like these can dampen the date from the very beginning!

A great way to ascertain pictures are real is to require a selfie to be taken on the spot in a given pose. Not many people will find a way out of this and if they do, they can be easily caught! 

The owner of a Tinder clone app must make sure they allow only verified legitimate people onto their dating platform. This will make sure the app remains a safe and secure environment for all users.     

SOS Button

Not all dates are perfect and go according to plan! In instances such as these, the Tinder clone app must rise to the occasion. Because of increased risks to women of sexual abuse, harassment, or consent issues, an SOS button is crucial to avoid these things that could threaten app popularity among women! 

Honestly, an SOS or panic button is one of Tinder’s safety features that Tinder clone apps must emulate to increase the chances of success. Dating app owners who don’t have their own SOS platform or helpline can rely on a third-party helpline service.

The majority of Tinder clone app users are male meaning a lack of safety for women can greatly decrease the popularity of the app as the number of female users will decrease, creating a large gender gap! 

Background Checks

How great are people at lying about their past? Really great actually, so good that people have complained about going out on dates only to find their date has lied about everything about themselves!  

This is why a Tinder clone app investor must do a better job of checking the authenticity of a user’s information. 

Imagine going on a date only to find your date is a criminal? Not what you would want seeing as your date painted himself to be a saint or successful businessman. So, don’t be afraid to go as far as doing a criminal background check! 

This proves and emphasizes the requirements for dating apps to ensure users are who they say they are and not just faking it. Unfortunately, dating platforms have become saturated with such occurrences commonly known as “catfishing”. 

Banning Repeat Offenders

There will always be those people who make lying a way of life and continue onto the path of dubious behavior! Action against such users is mandatory if you intend on upholding the standards of your Tinder clone app. 

There are only a certain number of warnings that can be given out from the platform. After this, a more severe step should be taken to distribute fairness to users who do comply with rules. Banning users who repeatedly go against the company's motives are a last resort, but nonetheless a necessary one!     


A Tinder clone app is heavily relied upon to introduce people to each other in the hopes of matching two soulmates. In order for this goal to be achieved, the app itself must be safe allowing any user to use the app without hesitation or fear for their safety. Anyone interested in developing a Tinder clone app can easily incorporate these safety precautions to keep users safe and happy.  

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