January 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


IOS development has taken a mammoth turn. Every developer of ios phone applications should be aware of. We discuss iOS 11 Features on this blog. It incorporates numerous new features and changes. However, we will feature a portion of the best ones. They are accessible on the iPhone and iPad. You will be able to utilize it.

Increase the capacity to scan documents with your camera. Enhance the Control Center, less occupied driving, better file taking care of, the updated keyboard, multi-functioning apps. There are abundant upgrades to the iPad multitask capabilities.

Document Scanning in Notes is one of the important iOS 11 Features

You would now be able to scan documents. Specifically, Notes app utilizes the iPhone or iPad camera with no extra software.

The feature is anything but not difficult to utilize. Just dispatch the Notes app and create another note. You can also go to a current note. Tap the little + catch and pick “Document Scanner” and point the camera at the document you wish to scan. The product it, modify the shading as required, and spare. The document is currently scanned and put away in the Notes app.

Document scanner apps have become very popular. One can access these valuable outsider apps on iPhone and iPad. Now the iOS is capable of same features.

Control Center is Customizable

Control Center has been upgraded, and best of all it’s currently customizable. The appearance change may take a bit of getting used to, however above all you would now be able to pick what you need in Control Center, and what you don’t.

Offload Unused Apps

Are there not a number of us who have modest bunches of unused apps that we want a developer of applications for iOS phones to remove? Presently iOS 11 has a slick housekeeping feature that you can empower which will naturally delete those unused apps to help avert capacity getting too low.

One-Handed iPhone Keyboard

This is one of the spectacular iOS 11 Features. In the first place, bigger screen iPhone models are extraordinary. The expanded screen increase visibility. However, some clients are not happy because they require two hands to type. However, now iPhone in iOS 11 has a One Handed Keyboard mode. It moves the keyboard keys over to one side or right segment of the screen. It puts the keys effortlessly within thumb reach.

Additionally, you also have Emoji or you can use another keyboard. Tap Globe/Emoji catch on the keyboard. At the same time, it gives you snappy access to the One-Handed Keyboards.

You’ll likely appreciate this feature. In case you miss the times of 3.5″ iPhone screens.

iPad doesn’t have one-given keyboard mode. However, it has some other keyboard features like the capacity to flick down on a key to access numbers and other unique characters.

Files App

The Files app offers file access and a file system of sorts for iPhone and iPad. Moreover, it gives you simple access to iCloud Drive. As a matter of fact, you can put away in apps on iOS and somewhere else in iCloud.

You’ll likewise have all the well-known file system activities accessible in Files app. This includes drag and drops support on the iPad (with a tap and hold). The capacity to duplicate and delete files, create new folders, sort by date, name or file measure, label support. The sky is the limit for the things you can do.

It’s substantially. It is also more simple than Finder on the Mac. Don’t expect that level of features. However, Files app on iOS is an awesome beginning to having enhanced file access on iPhone and iPad.

iPad Multitasking Improvements

iOS 11 is truly most remarkable on iPad. The new Dock, app switcher, drag and drop capabilities. It can multitask. This has an enormous effect on iPad work process.

There is much to investigate the iPad multitasking changes. The new augmentations enhance Dock, App Switcher. Moreover, it has the capacity to Drag and Drop between apps. They work in an extraordinary manner and have capability to multitask.

Hope these iOS 11 Features will help a software engineer in the process of development of IOS applications.

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