January 20, 2021


Leena Sanap


Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core MVC is gaining popularity for developing modern web applications. Wide usability of this advanced framework, aids in the development of high performing web apps, which gives the business a competitive advantage. The blog discusses the top ASP.NET Core MVC Features.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of ASP.NET Core MVC that made this popular among web developers.

1. Cross-platform capability

The best thing about ASP.NET Core MVC is that it not only runs on the Windows platform but also on the MAC and Linux. Visual Studio Code and extended modularity of this advanced framework. As a matter of fact, it allows web apps to deploy on different platforms. As an illustration, clouds, Kubernetes, and Containers.

MVC is an open-source platform. It gives the flexibility to add necessary framework components and libraries to deploy applications. In like manner, Action filters are another key feature. It aids in improved error handling. Moreover, it helps to implement functionality while one uses any custom logic. This is why Core MVC matters most for your apps and websites.

2. High performance and flexibility is one of the important ASP.NET Core MVC Features

ASP.NET Core MVC with Kestrel web server gives high performance. It is important to realize, you can see significant improvement with faster websites and apps. Implementation of MVC core gives double throughput – which means customer satisfaction, higher volumes, and cost savings.

Google has additionally been trying Google Play Instant with AdWords. They unveiled that their advertisements have pushed the installation of 10 billion apps. These illustrations show that Instant Apps can enable developers to enhance user engagement and revenue. Given the level of rivalry on the Google Play Store, it just bodes well for developers to make an Instant App and grow their user base.

3. Support for JSON based configurations

One of the other main ASP.NET Core MVC features is that it supports JSON based files. This enables developers to combine MVC and Web API. It is easy to manage the data with different providers such as Azure Key vault and Environment variables.

Not only this, but ASP.NET Core MVC also provides Tag helpers as a substitute for HTML helper methods. You can create the HTML elements in a better way and extend the view into your user interface using the Razor pages, unlike the ASP.NET.

4. Multiple environments and development mode

Environment variables in .NET Core facilitate work. Similarly, there are multiple environments to control the applications. It is possible to configure the apps properly by programmatically detecting the environment (staging or production) they are currently running.

Visual Studio component of Core MVC enables to select of the environment for ASP.NET website development. With this intention, You can specify the environment in the project’s debug profiles used for launching the applications.

5. Hosting independence

ASP.NET Core MVC after its up-gradation is not solely dependent on the Internet Information Services or IIS web server. So, the application developers can now use other web servers with this platform independence.

No dependency on IIS and implementation of OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) facilitates the Core MVC applications to use Kestrel – and in-process web server while using Apache and Nginx as a reverse proxy server.

6. Dependency Injection

Wired in support for Dependency Injection (DI). This facilitates the coding structure. It helps you specify how to instantiate the controllers.

Built-in DI in MVC facilitates coding structure which makes codes more readable and reusable due to XML file configuration. In Short, developers can experience a smooth coding process and build a scalable app.


Microsoft has introduced outstanding features in its ASP.NET Core MVC that gives greater flexibility in business app development. This enhanced framework and above-given features provide myriad benefits when compared to other versions.

Do you know about any other top asp.net core features? Please comment below.

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