Apple’s iPhone is said to be innovation of the era and iPhone application development has made it even bigger. It brought smartphone concept to life and holds recognition as world’s first ever open-end smart gadget. Apple iPhone is said to be business friendly mobile gadget, and has proved its worth by providing the business individuals a number of benefits. It has made several things easy for the business with several applications available in iTunes for common use. However, the best thing about iPhone is its features which provide a rich user experience along with certain advantages which an individual experience in its daily life while using the phone.

iPhone is just not like any other gadget, it has the depth in its features and it is said – most of the people do not know how to use iPhone up to capability. In this blog, we have maintained a happening list of the things that you can do with your iPhone and is still unknown for you. So, let the list roll down.

Your Apple iPhone is Secret Spy

It is general case that we forgot where did we go the last weekend or where did you shop during the festive season. But, your iPhone can solve all this mystery and let you know the places where you have been since you have started using it. Yes, it captures every location. Isn’t it interesting to know the places you have been to since you purchased your iPhone. Yes, it is quite happening. Path to see location services is – Settings>>Privacy>>Location Services>>System Services>>Frequent Locations.

Multi Power Button

I have seen ample number of cases where people happen to break the power button of iPhone and pay good amount of bucks as well as time to get it alright. However, it becomes problematic for them to use the phone till the power button start working again. But, do you know – you can turn on the ‘virtual’ power button, which will work same as the physical one and will appear at the bottom center of the screen. To turn the virtual power button ‘On’, follow the path – Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Assistive Touch.

iPhone’s Airplane Mode is Special

It gets annoying when you see your iPhone battery draining very fast but you want to save the same for more time. But no problem now, you can switch your iPhone to airplane mode and it will save your battery for a longer time. Also, if you are in a hurry to move out and want your iPhone to get charged up quickly, you should do the same in Airplane mode.

Be the Teacher

Though Siri knows a hell lot of things but, sometimes it does not pronounce words correctly. However, you can tell siri about the same, and she will come up with multiple pronunciations for the same word. Have you ever thought, you can teach Siri? Certainly, you can.

Know the Popular Apps

When you select the option ‘Near’ available at the bottom of the app store, then you can know about the popular or most used apps in your area. It is helpful when you move to a new place and want to know about the things that can be helpful or can assist you to do any particular job.

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