January 21, 2021

Leena Sanap


Android is the most popular and customizable operating system in the world. It is power-packed with features. Android users use a number of apps developed in Android. However, do you know about the Android Hidden Features? As a matter of fact, you can customize the device as per your choice and make the simple device a technology pot by adding the right apps. The best part of Android is, if you are prepared to dig deeper, you’ll find a goldmine of Android's hidden features and settings that you never knew about before and which can improve your mobile experience.

Let us look at the 5 hidden features and settings of Android.

One of the best Android Hidden Features is Boost Gaming Performance

One of the most exciting of all the Android's hidden features is the Developer Options. Whether or not you write code for a living, you can find this option in About Phone - in the Settings menu Tap. Build Number - seven times in a row. You now become a developer with the new menu added at the bottom of the settings screen.

These options are also useful for non-developers. Head to the new menu and enable Force 4X MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing). Activating this option results in a smoother, faster, and better looking visual experience in certain high-end games and apps. It will cost you some battery life. However, you can develop games on your phones.

You can also try activating Force GPU Rendering - which will result in smoother and snappier performance in certain games and apps. But its effects can vary widely from app to app and from device to device.

See your notifications even after clearing them

If you’ve cleared all your notifications without seeing them, there’s a very simple way to see them again. The new Android update has made it easily accessible with the help of a widget on the home screen. You can see the old notifications again which you dismissed in haste. Did you know about one of these common Android Hidden Features?

Long-press on the blank part of the home screen, a new menu will pop-up. From that menu, choose Widget - and then find an option called Settings shortcut - You can choose which settings to link to, so select Notification log. - This is the most amazing feature of all the Android's hidden features

That’s it: Tap the Widget icon in the future to see your old notifications.

Screen Pinning is one of the other important Android Hidden features

What to do when you lend your phone to a friend or a family member and you don’t want them to go through your personal information or post on social media without your consent? The screen pinning - feature lets you be generous and lend your phone to your colleagues without worrying about privacy. Pinning - one app means the user will only be able to access that app until the user enters in a lock-screen mode. Essentially, the user will not be able to use any other feature of your phone without your lock-screen code.

To activate this, go to the Security - option in the Settings - menu and enable Screen Pinning. - Once you’ve turned on this feature, your friend will only be able to use the app that you’ve selected. Open Overview - by tapping the small square button below the phone screen. You will see the most recently used apps on the screen. You’ll find a pin - icon in the lower right-hand corner. Tap the Pin - button to pin the app to the screen.

Disable the lock screen at home

To keep your Android phone safe, you need to enter a PIN or use a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone. It becomes inconvenient to enter the PIN multiple times to access your phone while you are at home. Google’s Smart Lock feature removes this obstacle and lets you access your phone instantly - but only when you are at home.

To activate this option, tap on the Security - option in the Settings - menu. Then tap on Smart Lock - You can select the option to disable your lock screen when you are at the trusted places like your home. You can also disable this feature when you are on a trusted Bluetooth connection.

Clean up the taskbar

With the new Android update, Google has introduced a secret system UI tuner menu. To enable this feature, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. It will open

Quick Settings.

Long-press on the settings gear icon. You’ll see a new message stating that you’ve enabled the

System UI Tuner.

It will then show up on the front page of the settings.

Tap Status Bar on the System UI - menu which will enable you to actually change the icons that appear on the top of the screen. In other words, you can remove the icons of Bluetooth or an alarm clock. If you don’t want to see them on the top of the display. You can add an icon of the screen’s auto-rotate status. You can even hide the time from the top of the screen or you can show hours, minutes and seconds.

So go ahead and unlock the full potential of your device and experience the exciting hidden features of Android phones.

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