January 21, 2021


Leena Sanap


In today's competitive market, companies often face problems with employee retention. Many companies have their own ideas to track and improve the performance of their employees. However, to improve the work productivity, it is essential to retain the right people.

Companies need a strong performance management process that measures and reward the abilities of employees. With thousands of people seeking for app developer jobs, it is a daunting task for companies to hire and retain the right people. A well-designed performance management strategy involves manager-employee appraisals, individual and company, team briefings and many more.

Organizations that with a perfect management strategy have more engaged employees, as they are likely to get the feedback they need. The best way to retain the right people is to address issues proactively. Here are the top 5 performance management strategies to combat employee turnover.

1.Accept underperformance
Well, every organization have employees who do not perform up to the mark. If you notice any drop in the performance, it is advised to get into the heart of the issue before writing against them. Some of the root causes of underperforming employees include - behavioural issues, skills, and competency, personal problems, etc.

You may identify the root cause of underperformance and provide the necessary support to cultivate loyalty.

2. Don’t simply fill roles
When managing people in high-performance app developer jobs, it is easy to focus on the near-term. Companies bring in players with the expectation that they will stay in the role forever and they will succeed in performing their duties. The best way strategy to retain the right people in the organization is to plan their career within the organization.

It is advised to guide the employees in attaining their career goals mapped out by the organization. Some employees land up in your company with the purpose of earning more money. You should keep such employees in challenging roles and reward them for the work they do.

3. Invest in line-managers
It is estimated that 70% of the employees quit the organization just because they have compatibility issues with their managers. Such employees don’t quit the organization but quit their managers. To retain the right employees, companies should invest in improving the skills of their line managers.

The success of employee retention is subject to the ability of the inline manager. Make sure that your managers are executing the value of your company and empowering the employees to succeed and grow in their career.

4. Monitor the employee progress
Managers of the organization should be aware of the goals of their team members. When it appears that the targets are missed, the manager should step in with coaching assistance. Companies should acknowledge the success with rewards that boost up the employees.

Besides this, employees should also monitor their progress on their career goals and request additional resources to broaden skills and achieve their goals.

5. Performance compensation
Performance compensation is the key to retain the right talent and generate productive results that exceed all the expectations. Usually, the performance compensation motivates the employees to align with the goals of the organization.

It is crucial for the employees to understand that if his/her work exceeds the expectations of the organization - he/she will be rewarded with monetary and non-monetary benefits. It not only impacts the employees but the performing team and work environment.

Bottom line

Performance management strategy is the key to create an engaged and productive workforce. Companies that lack these strategies may lack their employees, knowledge and eventually competitive edge. It is crucial to keep the line of communication open between employees, managers and the organization - as the objectives of employees and organizations change with time.

Employees should be provided with frequent feedback's, work-life balance options and feel valued for their contribution to the success of your organization. All these performance management strategies help you retain the right employees within the organization and keep the turnover cost low.

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