January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


HR acts as a bridge between the employee and the employer. The role of HR in a company is very critical especially for Web Development Company and led by several rules & regulations. Thus, an employee should know about the top five HR rules. These rules will help an individual to play safely in the company and to be in the good books of HR & upper management. So, let’s have a look over at them:

1. Knowing the Company’s Policies Is One Of The Most Important HR Rules

Every company has its set of policies which every employee follows. First HR (Human Resource) rule is to make all the employees follow the main policy of the company. Thus, always ask HR about the policies of the company, so that you can be on the same page with the company standard and do not face any hard time because of the same in the future.

2. Hiring the Illegal

It is among the most important rules of the HR to not hire the candidate who is living illegally in the country or has any case registered in his name which is unsettled till date. Also, if there is some minor-case registered against you and you feel it won’t put much of the impact on the company, they also share the things with HR. Otherwise, HR is liable to take strict action whenever he/she discover the issue. So, be safe in prior.

3. Keep the Information Personal

At the time of joining, HR will be sharing some information with you. The intention is to keep this info. only up to you. Most of the time, employees do not understand what information should be kept hidden from others. These candidates must know information, like – salary structure, agreement content & mutually discussed points. They are not subject to sharing among the co-workers. HR holds the authority to act against the candidate found doing so.

4. Know about your Rights

The micro companies or mid-level organizations do not have employee unions. Hence, at these firms, employees remain unaware of the rights that they possess. However, HR should share the employee rights when asked. Therefore, you must ask HR about the employee rights as it will surely be advantageous to you.

5. Health Benefits

Nowadays – in many organizations, health benefits are kept separate. But, it has been found that most of the employees do not know – how to use them? In such case – HR is the right person to guide you. It comes under the prime responsibilities of the HR to educate the candidate thoroughly about health policies in prior to his joining.

The above mentioned five points may look ordinary but are actually very important. Thus, you must know about them to get hired In a Mobile Application Development Company and any other organization. Subscribe to Our News Letter, Drop Your E-mail Address Below.

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