January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


In the first place, running a small business is a difficult task. An entrepreneur has to solve problems, communicate and have to keep track of the finances. Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking to increase productivity? Do you want to make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier? A good app might be just what you need. Here are the Best Paid iOS Apps for Business.

There are over 2 million iPhone apps. Moreover, a number of iOS apps are developed every year. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult to find exactly the right apps. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best business apps for an iPhone.

FreshBooks one the Best Paid iOS Apps for Business

By and large, this app gives small business entrepreneurs and freelancers a simple way to manage and track invoices. This app allows you to create professional-looking invoices, automatically bills them to the clients for recurring invoices, and accepts credit card payments on your mobile devices. You can also check when a client has received, viewed, and paid the invoice. You can also create and send professional looking estimates. Moreover, you can easily set-up late payment reminders and fees. It costs $15 per month with up to 5 clients, $25 per month with up to 50 clients, and $50 for up to 500 clients.

Wolfram Alpha

It’s a computational knowledge engine or a research engine developed by Wolfram Research and is the best app to do almost any task. With a vast number of algorithms and data, it computes answers and generates reports for you. It can compute dates, times, solve complex mathematical equations, weather, food, and so on. This app costs $2.99. Parts of Wolfram Alpha are also used in Apple Siri Assistant.


It is an enterprise messaging app. It has great iPhone application development. Having more than 3 million active users, and spreading to more workplaces around the world, as companies move past email for a friendlier solution. Private and team chats are kept intact. It also syncs between devices. It has three plans. The free plan is for a small team. It has a standard plan for $6.67 for the businesses that want to make Slack their hub for projects and communication. The Plus plan costs $12.50 which is for businesses that need SSO, Compliance Exports, and uptime in the single Slack team.


Good to-do list apps are in high demand. In other words, it helps to Set a reminder for short-term or long-term goals. Another key point is that it helps to track tasks and objectives. Significantly, It is the best way to keep track of everything. The app is an award-winning personal task manager. It is the king of all to-do apps with incredible features. Things are for people with lots to do. For Mac, it costs $49.99, $9.99 for iPhone and iWatch, and $19.99 for iPad.

Scanner Pro

Do you like to carry lots of documents? Is there a need to send too many documents? Don’t you have the time to dig out from the ancient device called a fax machine? In either case, this app has you covered in a big way. In other words, it lets you take photos of documents with your iPhone and converts them into PDFs. Similarly, it can even recognize specific document types and automatically crops them. In the same fashion, It helps you upload your scan to your favorite cloud storage apps. It can turn the text in the images into text which you can copy and select. Additionally, it supports 21 languages. This app costs $3.99.

These are highly used IOS apps for business. Give it a try. It might save your time and productivity.

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