February 4, 2021


Leena Sanap


Taxi-hailing apps and ride-sharing apps have become an extremely important means of commute. It has turned from becoming a luxury to a necessity and easily accessible to all due to the worldwide availability of the internet.

As on-demand apps and mobile app development have become quick-paced, uber like taxi business and taxi app development have garnered a lot of attention and investors are making fruitful investments in the area.

In this cut-throat competition, it is imperative that you offer the best taxi booking services to your potential customers and make booking a taxi like a cakewalk for them. This is the only key to running a long-term business for on-demand taxi and sustain it.

So, what should you do as a taxi booking app development company that will differ your mobile application from others by making you stand out and offer a competitive edge to your stakeholders?

The answer is quite simple. - Features in Taxi booking app

Unique Features for Taxi App Development:

Almost all taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft have a few basic features incorporate in them that are a must-have. Be it booking a ride instantly based on locations, or tracking a ride in real-time, receiving feedback about drivers from reviews and ratings, push notifications, etc. all of it is present.

So, in order to stand out, besides an extremely well-thought and designed business model, you can devise a method to include the following features:

In-App Payments:

One of the best ways to make cab booking services easier for customers is to provide a wide range of payment methods and facilities. The app users should be able to make use of credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, internet banking, etc. ways seamlessly.

While this feature is already present in most apps, either the functions are not all-inclusive or they lack efficient working. Moreover, the entire process should be highly secure and assure the passengers that their accounts will stay protected no matter the medium they prefer.

Scheduling Rides:

Suppose you have an important meeting to attend tomorrow or catch a flight 8 days later, the time when you are expected to leave the house is almost fixed. Your app should provide the facility to book a ride sufficiently well in advance.

This takes away a huge burden off the shoulders and helps the app user depend on your services even in the future. Such an advance booking option is not available even with the most famous and trending taxi booking apps. But, users are in dire need of the same.

Passenger Convenience:

Just like any other business to flourish, the secret key is to consider the fact that “Customer is the King”. Understanding their requirements and fulfilling them definitely offers you a competitive edge.

Simple attention to details like making cars that are wheelchair-friendly readily available, making them suitable for use by the elderly or means by which they can be ushered, children’s seat for those traveling with kids, etc. is important.

It would also be lucrative for users to avail of discounted fares with membership and loyalty points. This user-centric approach is crucial and it goes unsaid that the signup options for riders and drivers should be effortless, simple, and secure.

Booking a taxi for Long Durations:

This feature can offer services for booking for an entire day or for a couple of days that can be limited as per the business model. Along with scheduling the ride in advance, an automatic tariff calculator can also let the user know about the tentative charges for the entire return trip for vacation.

The taxi app development should also enable app users to choose a car of their choice with other add ons like GPS, air conditioner, sound system, pick and drop, etc. Based on this there can be various packages to choose from. This makes your taxi booking app the most preferred outpost option.

Maximum Security:

The biggest question with on-demand apps that most users raise is that “How secure is it”? Both the driver app and the rider app should promise a sense of security to its users. This is one of the biggest challenges face during taxi app development.

In order to ensure the security of passengers during late hours or critical regions or in a state of a mishap, the facility of SOS distress signal via an emergency button should be made available. Also, proper services that instantly attend to such calls must be inevitably present.

For drivers, instant payments must be made and an added bonus for good ratings and reviews must be awarded. This rejuvenates their spirits and gives them value for their work.

Limited data

There is no limit to the data that companies have today. But the data that AI applications need to function is scarce. It is because AI applications can only make sense of and learn from labeled data. The most prevalent data is largely unlabelled.

In Conclusion:

Including the above-stated features during your taxi app development will lend powerful support in establishing your taxi booking app as a reliable and successful one.

Owing to the changing times and Coronavirus-endowed new-normal, you can also feature the various safety and hygiene measures taken by the company on the app. This includes temperature checks and sanitizing the vehicle after every ride.

Thus, you must constantly update your taxi booking app and you need a reliable taxi app development company for the same. If you are looking to make a mark in this field, contact our team of experts for on-demand apps especially taxi booking apps who can provide high-quality services to you at affordable rates.

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