January 21, 2021

Leena Sanap


Smartphones and tablets have advanced a considerable measure in the recent years and now it is a standout amongst the most essential parts of our day by day schedule. We check messages, peruse the web, watch recordings, person to person communication, even do business related errands with office suite of apps and numerous more tasks. Android is one the most popular mobile OS with huge amounts of apps accessible in the Play store.

You can likewise get productive by planning your everyday undertakings and overseeing them on smartphone. On the off chance that you oversee individuals at work, you can utilize project management apps accessible in the store to arrange and team up with others to finish projects and assignments. You can likewise rack the advance of the work progressing from your smartphone. So here is the rundown of best project management tools accessible for Android phones and tablets.

1. Trello:

Trello is easy to utilize and boundlessly adaptable project management device. You’ll know precisely the main priority, who will do it, and what’s coming up next. Additionally, all that you do is matched up and spared immediately to the cloud, so that every one of your gadgets are dependably exceptional. With Trello, you can make sheets to sort out anything you’re chipping away at. Utilize them solo, or welcome partners, companions, and family to cooperate.

2. Smartsheet Project Management:

Utilize Smartsheet to just organize anything and team up with others to finish projects and undertakings. Work with Google Drive and Google Docs, import

Microsoft Project files and work in well known spreadsheet or Gantt sees. It accompanies bunches of in-assembled templates to make your work easier. The application accompanies great arrangement of elements and comes free.

3. Upvise:

Upvise Projects is an intense project management instrument to deal with every one of your projects on your mobile and impart them to your colleague utilizing any mobile telephone or web program. You can allot undertakings to associates and track precisely how much time you’ve spent on an assignment or a whole project. You can channel time reports by colleague. You can likewise trade time reports to Excel for further review from your Upvise Web Interface. The application accompanies 30 days free trial.

4. Wrike:

Wrike is an intense device to enhance your project planning and group cooperation. You can make, dole out, and plan undertakings and examine work with your group when you’re in a hurry. You can likewise add pictures to the project appropriate from your telephone, Google Drive, or Dropbox. It has an extraordinary UI and furthermore underpins push messages.

5. Podio:

Podio is yet another helpful project management application which makes undertaking management easy. modified to suit how you oversee due dates and duties, share content and examine thoughts. Get the correct outline you have to see you’re making improvement. The application permits you to speak with group movement streams get refreshes, make inquiries and share files, without chaotic CC-email strings. Also, visit continuously with coordinated or gathering texting.

Bottom Line:

Create custom android app for your business that can help users manage their tasks.

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