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Apple’s iPhones get a great deal of consideration, yet there are many Advantages of Android Over iOS. There is more than what meets the eye on creativeness for app creation in iPhone over Android. That is the reason why 86.2 percent of all new smartphones sold run Android. Apple gives a totally provided food, beat down experience in which the organization manages precisely which applications you can run and which highlights your telephone can have.

Android removes the preparation haggles purchasers browse a swath of equipment and programming, likewise offering access to key technologies, for example, 3.5mm earphone jacks, 3D cameras and 4K screens that Apple doesn’t think its clients can deal with. You can likewise get an unlocked Android telephone for far not as much as the cost of Apple’s slightest costly handset, the iPhone SE.

Here are 10 reasons Android beats the iPhone

Better Values

With smartphone appropriations going the method for the dinosaur in Advantages of Android Over iOS, you need to investigate your next telephone’s full retail cost. On the off chance that you need an iPhone, you have five options: the $399 iPhone SE, the $649 iPhone 7, the $749 iPhone 7 Plus and a year ago’s models: the $549 iPhone 6s and $649 iPhone 6s.

While the SE may seem like a deal in contrast with its huge siblings, you can discover a truly incredible Android telephone for a great deal under $400. You can get a strong handset like the Moto G4 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch, 1080p show and nice Snapdragon 617 CPU, for under $250. The OnePlus 3 offers for $399 unlocked with a full-HD show, 6GB of RAM and a smart Snapdragon 820 CPU. The $89 Moto E has a little, 4.5-inch, low-res screen and just 8GB of capacity, however, in the event that you’re truly short on money, it can serve when there’s no other option.

3.5mm Headphone Jacks talks about the Advantage of Android Over iOS

With its two most recent iPhones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple has evacuated the 3.5mm sound jack that gives you a chance to associate a couple of standard headphones. On the off chance that you need to tune in to music on your Apple handset, you’ll need to utilize a dongle, interface a couple of Bluetooth headphones or purchase a wired set that uses the organization’s restrictive lightning connector.

In any case, the greater part of the world’s headphones, extending from the $3 combine you get at Walgreens to the $300 set of Bose QuietComforts you got for your birthday, still utilize the 3.5mm connector. Except for Moto Z, most Android telephones still have this famous port.

Higher-res screens

Apple is actually years behind the opposition with regards to screen resolution. In 2014, the organization, at last, discharged it’s initially full-HD telephone, the iPhone 6 Plus — two years after the initial 1080p Android handset appeared. Today’s iPhone 7 Plus is as yet stuck at 1920 x 1080, while the standard 7 clocks in at an insignificant 1334 x 750 – indistinguishable correct resolutions from two years earlier – while the iPhone SE gives just 1136 x 640 pixels. This is another important of the many android advantages.

By contrast, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has a 4K (3840 x 2160) show, and a few standard Android telephones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 offer 2560 x 1440 screens. This improves them suited for a high-res video review, perusing and gaming. Indeed, even sub-$300 telephones like the Moto G Plus accompanied 1080p displays.

3D Cameras, Advanced VR Advantage of Android Over iOS

In case you’re searching for bleeding edge technologies, look no more distant than the most recent Android telephones for components, for example, 3D profundity detecting cameras and really immersive VR. You can get some VR mounts, including Google Cardboard, that keeps running on iPhones. Be that as it may, Samsung’s Gear VR offers a genuinely eye-popping experience, and it works just with the organization’s Android telephones.

Envision utilizing your telephone to get indoor turn-by-turn headings or to quantify the measure of a divider in your home. Google’s Project Tango permits Android telephones to catch profundity information about their environment and utilize it to outline area absolutely or force exact increased reality questions on top of your view. Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro is the main Tango-perfect telephone, on account of its 3D camera. Apple most likely won’t add a 3D camera to the iPhone for a considerable length of time.

Customization, gadgets, and skins

Like a father in a 1950s sitcom, Apple supposes it comprehends what’s best for you, regardless of what you need or needs, so it locks down the UI and offers fewer customizations than Google does. You’re restricted to a couple select gadgets in your warning drawer on an iPhone. However, with Android, you can look at a large number of gadgets that live on your home or lock screens and give everything from music playback to climate and note taking.

Producers, for example, Samsung and LG include custom “skins” on top of the center working framework, offering an extraordinary look and feel, alongside components Google hasn’t executed yet (e.g., motion controls and Airview). Even better, you can introduce your own particular launcher or include a custom subject, which makes your telephone look and feel totally changed — and remarkably yours.

We have here tried to see from not the iOS or an android developer but as an end-user of a mobile phone. If you talk about android development and iOS development, both have some pros and cons, it depends upon businesses which one to choose.

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