January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


The strength of the business and IT Development Companies lies in productivity. Better the workplace productivity, higher will be ROI, profit margins, and growth of the business. Now productivity is directly proportional to the efforts of the team and individual. The harder and smarter your employees will work, the better will be the productivity. Thus, in order to enhance it, you must try a few things that can woo your workers to work harder, better and smarter.

Individual Goals

It is nothing new to set individual goals for the employees. But the main thing is – how to motivate or inspire them to achieve those goals. Most of the managers and leaders tend to pressurize the employees or take them under heat to get the work done. It most of the time may get the work done but it cannot yield a positive result for a longer time.

Here, you need to make an employee compete to its own period record in a healthy and sporty manner. You need to tell them – what you achieved is nothing against your capabilities. You can do a lot better just you need to push yourself. You are not meant to do such petty things, you are meant for the bigger things. This energizes the employees and they deliver better results each time.

Team Goals

A team cannot work effectively if you create competition among the team members. Direct all the employees towards one common goal. Make the workplace productivity team members feel that they spilled beans but they are clusters of heavy rocks that together build a mighty mountain. Channelize their energy into one common goal.

See for the disputes arising between the team members and try to get the matter solved at the earliest. Push the belief in them that they are one close-knit family and nobody can do better than them. Let them enjoy themselves together during work and meal breaks. The more they will come close, the better they will work.


Scold in private and appreciate in public is the golden rule of the commercial world. Appreciate the good work accomplished by your employees with a whole heart. You can gift them something or some hike in the current month's salary. Appreciating the good ones will inspire others to do good. This way you will be able to motivate your employees in very productive conduct. Do not hesitate in appreciating them even for the small things they do; may not financially but at least morally.

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