January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


Apple brings iPhone features to improve performance and also enhance users' experience on iPhones and iPads. Ever Since the era of the smartphone started, the battle for the best brand began between iPhone Features and Android Features in Smartphones. Ir became intense with the passage of time and now they are considered as the arch competitors. However, the masses feel the iPhones have an edge over android development and considered it as the best smartphone brand available in the market.

13 iPhone Features

Better Apps

iPhone App Development industry is phenomenal creating excellent apps. The credit goes to the in-built features of the iPhone devices. Take an app which is upon android as well, you will find it better in iPhones.


iPhone is quicker in providing iOS 12 updates to all the available devices, whereas Android takes months in doing the same.


iPhone work well with all the devices. If you have mac laptop, an iPad and an iPhone, you can seamlessly transfer the information and connect the devices pretty easily. The same is not the case with android. It lacks in connectivity.

  • Data Integration Solutions
  • Security Services
  • Network Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Business Services

Implementing the above mentioned services helps any and every business lower their cost of IT and Operations. This also enhances the productivity of every enterprise software company.

Optimizing the great management service providers who are the experts of their field are the best as they are the most informed public cloud consumers. By passing off the cloud operations to outside providers would not only optimize human resources but also their own time just by pushing the MSPs that assists them to keep the cost down. This helps them fetch more customers by retaining their competitiveness.

Unwanted Apps

Android devices come with a lot of carrier bundled apps which may not be of any use to you but you can not still uninstall them. On other side, iPhone comes plain with no such apps. Hence, save space on your phone.


Apple iPhone comes with extended warranty upto two years for a few bucks. Whereas, there is no such case with Android devices. You need to spend a lot of money if any damage or mishap happens with your device.


Sharing the photos, files and contacts is as smooth as butter in iPhone devices. However, Samsung do have smooth sharing facility but it limits upto the smartphones of its brand. Even android to android sharing is getting better but it sucks when the users have two different versions.

Resale Value

It is no brainer as everyone knows that resale value of iPhone devices is way better than android ones. Even the costliest android phones resale value is quite bad.


iPhone has apple stores located in all known locations of the globe where they can ask for support. Android deals with multi-brands and some of them do have the help store but they are not as good as Apple ones.

Ease of Use

The best thing about iPhones Features is they provide ease of use and are simple to operate. As the android deals with a variety of brands, there is no thumb rule to the use of android phones.

Headphone Controls

The iPhone headphones are just awesome and help you to operate the music app with pretty ease. Though, Android phones do have great compatibility with variety of headphones but it is slightly back in the race.


iPhone has iMessage, FaceTime Audio and Facetime to communicate with friends, family and business people in better, reliable and safer way. Android, mostly, depends on third party apps for such communication.


Managing the notification in both iPhones and Android devices is simple. But with categorization of notification, iPhones move ahead. However, Samsung phones are now coming with the same thing.


Open multiple apps, multiple browsing windows, chat with friends and attend a call, all at the same time, you won’t find any problem in doing so with iPhones but android phones generally misbehave in such conditions.

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