January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


Today, PHP is considered a very flexible and dynamic language. Did you know that more than 80% of all the websites that use server-side programming language use PHP? Being the most popular programming language, the services of a PHP Development Company are in high demand these days.

Every PHP developer nowadays is trying to maximize the caliber of this programming language. Newbie PHP developers can benefit much by learning some smart PHP Tips and Tricks. Get ready to enhance your proficiency levels and boost your PHP Web Application Development with these strong techniques that will take your programming to the next level!

Here Is the List of 10 PHP Development Tips and Tricks:

1. Take advantage of In-built PHP Functions-

It is one of those PHP Tips and Tricks that on the face of it, may sound not that striking. But you will be grateful once you implement it. With the advancement in PHP functions, it is easy to forget about several PHP in-built functions that don’t require you to exert yourself coding and creating your functions. It's a good idea to refer to a PHP manual before you set yourself on the task of developing an array of functions. Chances are, it's already there.

For example, you can easily count the number of keys in an array, by writing the function Count() and loop through the array. It will enhance the value of every iteration.

2. Leverage a Configuration File -

Tired of seeing your database connection settings strewn everywhere? This is one of those Tips for PHP Developers who are searching for a solution to this issue. Just develop a master file consisting of all database settings and incorporate it into your PHP scripts. Modifying details later will seem like a breeze to you after you create a configuration file.

3. Swap If and Else Statements with Ternary Operators -

It is one of those Tips for PHP Developers that will make their code neat and clear. Using ternary operators instead of if and else statements will allow you to benefit from more space and a concise and clean coding experience. They are a must for prototypes or single statements.

4. Escape the Vulnerability of SQL Injection -

An SQL injection occurs when the lines between SQL query format and the data utilized by the query get blurred. You can prevent your code from becoming vulnerable to SQL injection by using the PHP function mysql_real_escape_string(). It is one of the essential PHP Tips and Tricks for those developers to whom security comes as an afterthought.

5. Quick Error Identification -

The list of Tips for PHP Developers can never be complete without mentioning a quick way by which they can easily resolve run-time errors. During your application development process, consider leaving error_reporting and display_errors turned on. You will be surprised to see the run-time errors and identify their source. Setting up run-time configurations in your server’s php.ini file or on your PHP scripts using the ini_set() function to set display_errors to 1will help you to detect and fix errors speedily.

6. Leverage PHP Frameworks -

One of the most useful PHP Tips and Tricks that is often forgotten by beginners is to remember that PHP has innumerable frameworks like Code Ignitor, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Yii, among others. All these offer world-class PHP Web Application Development. They need to actively use the frameworks to make their code efficient and reduce overhead costs.

7. Stop Commenting on Every Line of Code -

It is one of those necessary PHP Tips and Tricks that should be kept in mind by those PHP developers who cannot stop themselves from commenting on every single line of code. The habit of commenting on every code line will only make things seem more confusing to you when you open your application. Just remember to always comment on the complex parts of your source code.

8. Outsmart Hackers by Using the POST String -

There are many Tips for PHP Developers to help them tackle the threat of hackers. Probably the best one of these PHP Tips and Tricks is to use a POST string in their project instead of the GET string. GET string is not suitable for form submission as it opens up a way for hackers to trace and hack the whole project. POST string, on the other hand, does not allow anyone to imitate the application development.

9. Streamline Your Coding with an Editor

If you’re searching for effective Tips for PHP Developers to help you manage your time, then this one's for you. Spend some time with your source code editor. A good understanding of its working will help you to capitalize on its capabilities like code-hinting, seamless code navigation, and efficient debugging through its tools.

10. Develop a Wireframe

Coding is not meant to be an easy task. You cannot expect to sail through the whole process without encountering any hurdle. One of the mistakes that PHP developers make is that they directly jump to the coding part after getting a gist of the project.

Programming can be streamlined by creating a wireframe that serves as a blueprint for the completion of your coding objectives. It will help you gain a better understanding of how you need to accomplish the task and ways by which you can resolve the issues that crop up on the way.

Summing up

PHP programming is becoming incredibly popular these days. These Tips for PHP Developers will come especially handy for those just starting out on their coding journey. You will be able to write better code and encounter minimal problems in your way once you implement these techniques while working on your next project.

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