February 3, 2021

Leena Sanap


Millions of entrepreneurs use Magento e-commerce for enhancing their revenue and brand growth. Magento is the best platform for growing your business with several benefits such as - online selling, tracking status, payment gateways, and many more.

It sounds great RIGHT? True, but there is always a chance to improve the performance of your site in the way it should be. This open-source content management system has been specially designed for e-commerce and needs improvement to keep up with the latest features.

In this article, we are sharing ten easy and practical ways for your Magento Store Development.

10 Tips for Running Your Magento Store at a Lightning-Fast Rate

1. Choose the Correct and Compelling Theme

Choosing a wrong theme cam to mislead your audience about your services and divert your customers away. Theme selection is completely different from customized work and needs to be done very carefully.

It is a work of the Magento Store Development team to ensure that everything appears fine and conveys the same message which the company wants to say. The step of choosing the correct theme include:1. Understanding the purpose and goal of the company 2. Identify growth plans. 3. Know about products, services, and offering of the company

2. Finalizing Theme in a SmartWay

Business with a few products/services generally does not go through a lot of hassle. As they have a few categories, but the industry with a lot of categories needs to be smart enough in finalizing any theme for maximizing the advantages. Many Magento Store Development companies provide professional services in theme creation. So, if you are not sure what to choose, contact them for a customized and unique theme to represent your business.

3. Ensure to Have a Responsive Magento Store

With the increasing numbers of mobile users, most of the commerce business occurs via mobile devices. Your e-commerce Magento Store Development process needs to make sure that your website is responsive as now Google also starts penalizing those sites which are not mobile-friendly.

4. Enhanced User-experience

As per a survey, almost 79% of users tend to leave the site if it is challenging to navigate. User-friendly browsing products, adding them into the cart, and smooth payment options are a few examples that help to increase the rate of sale and avoid shopping cart abandonment.

User experience needs to be great and should cater before processing for graphic designing and development. Take help from your UX expert and wireframes developers for this.

5. A Perfect Graphic Design

A perfect graphic design is a key to success. It reflects not only your brand but also your audience to understand who you are and what you have to offer. If you do not have attractive and kick app designing, you are losing your potential shopper.

For becoming the best Magento Development Company, you need to include excellent design including great category pages, product images, accurate descriptions.

6. Use Modern Conversion-optimized Template

Starting your e-store with commonly used templates is not going to make you unique. Try to practice up-to-date, performance-optimized templates for enhancing user experience. It is always preferable to get templates from authoritative professionals to service your clients with a storefront lightning-fast and feature-rich templates.

Optimize your e-store home page with the latest products and offers. Displaying new products and offers on the home page is always a great way to maximizing customer engagement.

Use banners that promote your services and offerings which are lined up. Add hyperlinks for discounts and offers on the banners, so that customers quickly reach the product pages. This is also a very effective way to make people aware of your latest product and for maximizing sales of a Magento store.

7. Optimize Payment Option

When you expand payment options, customers get the option to switch for which suits them best and is convenient to use. Apart from offering safe, secure, and user-friendly payment alternatives, Magento Development Company can use Paypal, Credit card/debit card, cash on delivery, and UPI payment options.

If you want to make global sales, then you can add Magento extensions for offering those payment options that are popular in your targeted countries. It boosts your sales and increases your revenue for the long term.

8. Show the Reliability of Your Store

In an online business, you need to gain your customer's trust. For gaining their trust, you should provide five-star rating services that imply the credibility and popularity of your Magento e-store. Offer customers to share their reviews, feedbacks to make the customer realize how valuable they are and you seriously care for them.

9. Use for cross-selling

You can increase your revenue using Magento Development Services for cross-selling. You can use it for both cross-selling or up-selling. It encourages customers to check for other items as well, which ultimately opens the possibilities of a higher sales rate. Also, it makes your customer stay in your Magento store for a longer time and explore.

10. Don't Forget About Search Engine Optimization

Websites that appear on the front page tend to get more visitors than others. Your Magento store development process also needs to be built with great SEO. You can take your developer, and the content manager helps to ensure that all h1 tags, h3 tags, metadata, and URL structure are appropriately optimized.

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