January 19, 2021

Leena Sanap


Here, we are not only talking about 10 amazing things about the iPhone. They can be helpful to an iPhone developer in developing a good mobile application. However, they are some inbuilt features that will help the common public at large. iPhone has an intense depth when it comes to its features. There are certain things that your iOS gadget can do but the common people are not aware of. Let us see the Hidden iPhone Features

Do Not Disturb is Customizable

You all know about the do not disturb option available on the iPhone. Probably everyone has used it multiple times in life. However, do you know that Do Not Disturb is customizable? Follow the path, Settings>>Do Not Disturb>>Scheduled, to set the time for the ‘Do Not Disturb’ service to be activated.

Shake and Correct

It is a general case that you make a typo error while texting or while editing a picture of sketching something. You can correct the errors just by shaking your iPhone. This feature works as a Ctrl+Z function in Windows PC. This is also one of the best Hidden iPhone Features

Ask Siri to Read your Mails

You have received an important mail or text message, but you are busy driving or having shopping bags in your hand, you can simply ask Siri to read out your last mail or message. Siri is smarter than you think it to be.

Siri will Show you the Pictures

Suppose, you are sitting idle or missing your loved ones and wanted to greet them with a photograph that you have taken last holiday season in London. But, it will be tacky to search out for the photographs, but it won’t be any more as you can just ask Siri – Show me the photographs from 2015 taken in London, and she will show you the entire list. Now, you can select one among them and can send it to your family/friends.

Capture Picture while Filming the Video

Most teenagers and young individuals have the habit of sleeping while listening to music. But, it continues to play even after they sleep which is obviously of no use. But, you can set the timer for the music app to stop playing the music. Go to the clock, select the timer, set the time (after which you want to stop the music app), and after doing so, select the option ‘when the timer ends’, then choose ‘Stop Playing Music available at the bottom of the screen. And it is done! Music will stop after the set time period.

Take Selfie with the Help of Headphones

It is really annoying to take a selfie when your handshakes while clicking the white icon to capture the pic. But you can do a lot better by plugging in your headphones, switching your front camera, and capturing the pic by pressing the volume button available on the attached headphones. Isn’t it an easier option?

Use Siri to do the Calculations – one of the lesser-known Hidden iPhone Features

Do you find it tacky and uncomfortable to use the calculator over and over again? There is an alternative to using the calculator and that is Siri. Yes, you can ask Siri to do the calculations. All you need to take care of is, spell the long digits clear and slow, so that she can understand it clearly and guess what, Siri is your next mathematician.

Read Articles without Ads

Are you an avid reader but get annoyed of reading online because of the ads that keep on coming or popping in between? Yes, then now – you can get rid of the same while reading an article on your iPhone. All you need to do is to tap the reader (red color) icon available beside the URL and you can read the article without ads disturbing you in between.

1.20 Generate Random Password through Siri

Have you ever thought that Siri can help you in protecting access to your iPhone? I guess no one would have thought the same, but Siri can certainly do it. She can create a random password for you. All you need to ask Siri is – random password and she will create an 8-alphanumeric letters password. However, you can also decide the length of the random password by asking Siri – Random Password 10 Character.

We hope that the Hidden iPhone Features will even help our community of freelancers or companies creating I-phone applications.

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