February 3, 2021

Leena Sanap


User Experience has become an essential aspect of almost any digital product. A great UX design is not only there to satisfy the aesthetic appeal of the user. It also promotes a high degree of usability and leads to loyal customers, consequently a greater conversion rate. A business product can progress and achieve a large customer base through mobile apps that come with a UX design that actually addresses their challenges.

The recent years have made it clear that a good UX design of a product can enable it to differentiate itself and carve its unique identity in the market. The current technological changes impact, to a large extent, the UX/UI trends of the next year. Hence, we can say that more significant interaction, Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, speed, and simple layouts will be the major UX design trends of 2020.

1. Cross-platform Integration

Compatibility across multiple devices was a critical UX design trend of the last year. Presently, solutions for voice-based user interfaces, interactive TVs, automobile dashboards, among other technological advancements, will permeate over mobile, PCs, and tablets. Various UI UX company developers have already employed tactile interfaces in healthcare and digital fitness products. Natural User Interfaces are giving way to a more responsive and intuitive UX design that will indeed become a prominent part of the product functionality.

2. Attracting users through asymmetrical layouts

Asymmetrical layouts, a type of design characterized by an unusual placing of elements, is something we will see more of. The type of layout provides two crucial benefits. It is appealing to the users and is also proven to enhance their conversion rate. It helps a business differentiate itself from its competitors. Moreover, it reduces CSS constraints, greatly enhancing the website’s responsiveness and its overall loading speed.

3. Crafting relationships with storytelling

Informing users about the product creatively through the medium of storytelling is one of the major UI trends of 2020. You are sure to encounter them on the landing page as an introduction to a product or service. Storytelling creates an emotional connection with users. Thus, it makes them feel like a part of the brand right from the beginning. At the same time, it dramatically accelerates the sales of your offering.

4. UX tailored to the user behavior

Gone are the days when all users were catered on the same level. Modern analytics has made it possible to determine the type of user browsing a particular site or app. The interface behaves differently with different users according to the time spent on a site. UI UX company designers will now provide tailored experiences based on user research that includes their actions on the site.

5. Providing meaningful value

Technologies are progressing at a breakneck pace. These advancements have provided developers with powerful Machine Learning tools. Such tools are creating a shift in the tech culture towards the generation of meaningful conversations with the users. Businesses are becoming more aware of the topics they care about through these tools. Not only are they concerned with only their progress but also the broader social impact of their product.

6. Design to exclusively serve their audience

The coming year will see businesses serve their niche customers in a better manner. This approach is already at work on a popular blogging platform called Medium. They follow a business model that is designed to serve their niche audience, i.e, writers, and readers better. They ensure that the voices and original ideas of various writers on the platform reach their reader base. They make sure to deliver the best stories on the homepage and inbox of every user without any unnecessary advertisements that might interfere with the user experience.

7. Powerful animation and graphics

The frequency of 3D graphics and animation is bound to rise in the same manner as in recent years. As apps embrace virtual and augmented reality, graphics and animations will take center stage across multiple product categories. A 360 degrees product view used in many eCommerce sites is a prime example of it. 3D graphics and animation are eye-catching and greatly enhance the visual appeal of the interface. Although such visually appealing functionalities might be time-consuming for a UI UX company expert, they certainly are a worthy investment for enriching the user experience.

8. Blended interactions

Interactions to provide feedback and extra insights to users will become the hallmark of good product design. We already see such micro-interactions in the form of ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ features blended in popular apps like Facebook and Instagram. They have become a natural part of any app or site that we don’t even notice them. However, their exclusion can leave us surprised and significantly reduce the quality of the user experience.

9. New work culture

2020 has been a witness to extraordinary times. Remote work culture has permeated in almost every UI UX company. As people work from their homes, it has become even more important to build trust and enhance relationships between the members of various UX design and development teams. Remote workshop sessions to enable clients to adapt to the changing scenario are seen as ways by which objectives and goals can be realized. It is also essential to use the right tools to communicate and collaborate with team members like Skype, Asana, Google Docs, etc.

10. UX writing

UX writing has transformed into any kind of product writing for the people. The earlier text was regarded as something that accompanied the product design. But now, it is clear that words matter. Text, as well as the picture, are now integral parts of a product’s design. Words or text allow the reader to judge, choose, and connect to the product.


The year and the coming future will see more wholesome and practical products into the market to delight customers. It will primarily be made possible because of the technological innovations that will impact the UX design of various products and services. Although trends keep changing, some novel ideas will indeed dominate the coming decade. A robust UX design has much in store for both businesses as well as customers.

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