January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


A website is synonymous with your brand presence. It is the foundation of your business’s effective engagement with the customer. You must have heard the famous saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Well, it cannot be more true when it comes to your businesses’ website.

A web design that enables viewers to have an easily navigable and interesting experience will help you widen your customer base and gain more credibility. Unfortunately, many owners often overlook this fact and commit many Common Website Design Mistakes in the process.

If you want a site that looks amazing and makes money, avoid these major Web Design Issues.

Here Is the List of 10 Critical Website Design Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Stop Crowding Your Website with Information-

Although putting relevant business information on your website is of utmost importance, it does not mean that you do it in a way that confuses the viewer. One of the most common Web Design Issues observed is the presence of too much information on the landing page.

It has the effect of making the visitors leave your site in record 10 seconds! You certainly don't want that. So stop overloading your website with information.

2. Unresponsive Design That Hinders Accessibility -

Did you know that more than 50% of users are unlikely to engage with your website if it isn't optimized for smartphones? Websites that work well on desktops, mobile phones, iPad, and PS4s can be viewed by many people.

It instantly helps a business to expand its reach and visibility. If your site falls into this category, you need to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

3. Brand Messaging That’s Simply Unappealing -

Many small business owners ignore the fact that their brand messaging is not compelling enough for their audience. Ineffective communication is one of the most Common Website Design Mistakes observed at so many portals.

The information that you put on your web pages should reflect your brand’s core values. It should be done in a way that makes people feel that you are really concerned about their needs, not just interested in generating revenue.

4. Low Loading Speed -

The famous adage, 'Slow and Steady Wins the race' is not true when it comes to your website's loading speed. One of the critical Website Design Mistakes to Avoid for success is to ensure that your website takes less than 7 seconds to load.

You won't commit this mistake when you become aware that one of the ranking factors for your website in Google is its page speed. Not only this, you need to pay attention to your server response time as well. You need to fix your slow server response time to optimize your website's speed.

5. Not Monitoring Performance -

It has been observed that more than 70% of small scale businesses simply do not track their website’s performance. It is one of the biggest Web Design Issues that you can avoid by using an analytics tool like Google Analytics.

Not only does it provide you with useful information regarding customer behaviour, but it will also help you make meaningful strategies for their future conversion.

6. Bad Search That Reduce Usability -

Most users turn to the Search option on your website when they are stuck with navigation. One of the major Website Design Mistakes to Avoid is to stop creating search engines that cannot handle hyphens, plurals, typos when they are a part of the query.

A competent website design agency expert will tell you that Search acts as a user's lifeline, and some of the most successful web designs are characterized by search boxes. It's time to analyze this feature in your web design.

7. Not Paying Attention to Content Layout and Whitespace -

There are many Website Design Mistakes related to content and their proper layout that site owners need to stop making. Choose a font that is captivating as well as readable as your typeface reflects your brand image to a great extent.

Utilize the whitespace wisely to enhance usability and rely on visual elements to enhance the readability of your information.

8. Glaring Social Media Icons -

Your social media channel can help you generate more traffic, but only when it's placed appropriately on your website. It is one of those Web Design Issues that escapes the eyes of many.

Putting it at the top where customers have easy access to it can prompt them to click on it immediately. Once they are there, there's no coming back to your site again!

One of the most Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid is the creation of seemingly small links and buttons that hinder users from tapping and navigating to the desired location.

The fingers of your users are not as small as that of a cursor. By creating such tiny links, you only prevent them from taking the necessary action.

10. Overloading the Web Page with Ads

The presence of endless flashy ads makes your visitors immediately annoyed and they bid goodbye before even trying to interact with your business. One of the common Web Design Issues relates to the wrong placement of ads. Place your ads at strategic places instead of scattering them all over the page.

The Way Ahead

Today, customers desire an interactive online experience. It can only be possible when you gain an awareness of these common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid. No one would like to spend their time and money engaging with a business whose web presence is not optimized to its audience’s needs. Thus, you need to choose Web Design Services that are geared towards this end.

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