February 3, 2021

Leena Sanap


Today, Augmented Reality is no longer a far-fetched idea. The enhanced experience it offers is being rapidly leveraged by today’s businesses. Whether it's web or mobile app development, AR seems to be ruling everywhere.

An AR App may seem like a futuristic transformation, but in 2020, its popularity seems to be steadily skyrocketing. After all, who wouldn't like to discover what the exciting blend of physical and virtual worlds have in store for them?

An AR App proves to be a handy tool for businesses and consumers alike. The Best AR Apps furnish users with additional information regarding the product's features, availability, and more, all in real-time.

They can also modify the product's characteristics, and so users can observe it from every angle. Thus, an AR App significantly enables consumers to make well-informed buying decisions.

On the other hand, businesses can progress by differentiating themselves in today's competitive world by providing an AR App to their consumers. It enhances a brand's attractiveness and influence. What's more, technological innovations like AR can drastically improve an organization's reach and connections. Hence, the services of an Augmented Reality Company expert is in high demand.

Now is the right time to check the Best AR Apps for Android and iOS and take advantage of their interactive and immersive experience.

List of Best 10 AR Apps:

1. Just a Line

It is one of the most impressive AR Apps Android that's free and can be used by iPhone users as well. Developed by Google, Just a Line needs just your smartphone and a mind full of creativity.

You only need your fingers to doodle anything of your choice while this AR App takes the responsibility of infusing life into your pictures! The fun doesn't end here; your photo, replete with AR touches, can be shared with anyone through a video.

2. Google Lens

Take advantage of a search experience like never before with Google Lens, an app developed for Android users. The app makes it clear that manually typing your query is now a thing of the past. It only needs to be opened and aimed at an object you wish to know more about.

Let the app take care of everything else. Not only will the item be identified, but you will also instantly obtain more information about its availability, in case it's a product. iOS users can use it through the Google Photos app.

3. Google Maps

Take the guesswork away from your journey to new places using one of the Best AR Apps Android, i.e., Google Maps. The popular app provides expert navigation experience through its AR functionality.

Rely on its virtual signs and arrows to effectively guide you to reach almost any part of the globe. Not only this, but you'll also receive audio notifications about your destination apart from visual cues. Finding a specific location has never been so easy.

4. Civilizations AR

This AR app is for all the history buffs out there. It is one of the freely downloadable AR Apps Android that can also be leveraged by iPhone users. It assembles a range of fascinating historical artefacts from across various civilizations from different museums.

Learning more about your favourite object from antiquity turns incredibly easy with this app. The 3D view of each artifact gained using this app enables you to acquire a deeper understanding of it.

5. Quiver

One of the Best AR Apps geared toward kids learning is Quiver. This app functions as an augmented reality colouring book for your child. Download it and head over to quivervision.com to access beautiful image packs that you can print after downloading.

Enjoy colouring them with your child and see the pictures come to life after scanning them with your device. Watch your child learn and have fun at the same time.

6. SketchAR

Unleash your creative spirit with this AR App. Now you can utilize your smartphone camera to create masterpieces of art by being guided at every step with this app.

You can either chose sketches present in its library or show the app a picture of what you want to draw. Instantly, a virtual sketch of the image will turn up on your screen. You can then trace it on the paper. Hugely beneficial to art novices, it easily makes it to the Best AR Apps for Android and iOS.

7. Mondly

Language enthusiasts are in for a treat with some of the truly innovative AR Apps Android. One of them is Mondly, which offers an immersive language learning experience.

Choose the language you want to learn from Mondly's 33 languages list and start learning about it with its virtual assistants. They provide you with feedback on language aspects like proper pronunciation and vocabulary. The possibilities are endless with this AR App.

8. YouCam Makeup

Makeup lovers know that the problems associated with testing cosmetics on themselves don't arise only when one is purchasing it online. However, now they've got augmented reality to their rescue.

This AR App allows them to effortlessly test samples of cosmetics from a variety of brands on themselves. Its AR assisted camera not only lets you view and preview different types of cosmetics but also enables you to share your looks with others in the app.

9. The Machines

There are so many AR Apps on Android and iOS that are intended to provide you with an exhilarating gaming experience. Machines are one of the Best AR Apps if you're a gaming enthusiast.

You can lead a fleet of machines to defeat your enemy. Aim your weapons and position yourself with just your phone's screen. The AR app will compel you to think rapidly to avoid being defeated by your opponent.

10. Euclidean Skies

Turn your living room into an adventure zone with this spectacular AR App. Move through stimulating puzzles, outmanoeuvre enemies, and if you can, try to help the hero ace all the 40 levels of the game. The AR mode can be activated or deactivated as per your wishes, without interrupting your gaming experience.


Thus, the plethora of AR Apps Android and iOS proves how an Augmented Reality Company today has succeeded in creating revolutionizing apps that bring in its fold all audience base types. It helps users not only to indulge in tons of fun but also to create many meaningful experiences. If you haven't already, try downloading one of the AR Apps Android and dive into the world of Augmented Reality.

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