February 2, 2021


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Android applications are all the rage today. To build these amazing apps, android app development company experts use Android Studio. It is the official Google Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is packed with features for native Android application development.

Apart from being Google’s official IDE, there is another reason for the increasing number of Android Studio Plugins. It is the easy development and installation of these plugins that are enabled by Intellij IDEA, the programming environment for developing software.

Although coding can be done on a clean Studio with just the libraries, experienced developers know the importance of plugins. They are there to make their work easier. The list of Android Studio Plugins is endless. They help immensely in the quick app development process, enhance the code, and impart efficiency to your work. The selection can be difficult for a developer. But, the following list will prove immensely useful for you in choosing the Best Android Studio Plugins.

The Best Android Studio Plugins for Developers

ADB Idea

To enhance productivity and quicken your app development process, you should install the ADB Idea. It provides various shortcuts to a number of ADB tool commands in your development environment.

Tool commands to uninstall, kill, restart, clear app data, start and restart the app with debugger, grant or revoke permissions, among many can be easily added to Android Studio and IntelliJ.

Rainbow Brackets

This plugin enables the developers to identify the extent and contents of brackets, braces, and parentheses. It adds different colors to the round, square, and curly braces used in the code. It is one of the Android Studio Best Plugins for working with large chunks of codes. Enhance your readability and code quality with rainbow brackets


The Android application development process demands Java objects being sent to different components of the application. It is done using the intent. There are two types of techniques that can be used for this purpose:

Serialization and Parcelable of an object. Out of them, Parcelable is much preferred because it's quicker and faster than Serialization. If an Android app needs Parcelables, instead of starting the time-consuming task of its creation, you can simply use the Parcelable boilerplate code generation tool to produce an implementation.


One of the Best Android Studio Plugins based on artificial intelligence, Codota automatically completes several code lines for you. It suggests code completions based on a large number of programs as well as your context. The result is a faster coding process with minimized errors. It doesn’t end here. With Codota, you can find the most appropriate code examples according to your context in the IDE.

ADB Wifi

Using a GUI shortcut to establish connections over wifi for debugging is made much faster by this Android plugin. Simply connect your device through a USB cable. Now press the Android Wifi ADB button.

The device connection will be signaled by an Intellij notification. It means that you can disconnect your cable and comfortably deploy, run, and debug your applications. Developers no longer need to endure the troubles of an unstable USB connection.


This CodeGlance plugin gives developers the option of adding a minimap preview to their Android Studio Editor. It helps them to directly jump to the various parts of their code. One of the Android Studio Best Plugins, it makes the process of navigation across files a breeze for the programmers.

Material UI Theme

Change the appearance of the theme to one resembling a Material Design with this plugin. You can modify the IDEs as per your wish with its range of themes. The color schemes available in it support numerous languages.

You can also replace all icons with Material Design icons. There is no shortage of options. Enjoy accent colors, custom indent, padded menus, arrow styles, and much more with this plugin.

JSON To Kotlin Class

It is one of the Android Studio Best Plugins that matches your web services responses to suitable models with just a single line of code. Generate Kotlin data class models, drag them, and use them in your project. Its new features support Normal Class, Dynamic plugin load, generating ListClass from JSONArray, and complex JSON schema.

String Manipulation

Perform a number of tasks on the string like capitalization, camel case conversion, escaping/unescaping HTML, and many more with this plugin. It is one of the most useful Android Studio Plugins for string manipulation operations.

After its installation, a new entry under the Edit menu and a contextual popup are immediately created. You just need to select the string and choose an appropriate operation.

Gradle Killer

Kill Gradle tasks with just a single click using Gradle Killer. It ends every developer’s struggle with java.exes processes. Just click its icon in the Run section and you're good to go. This plugin works on Windows Vista and Unix machines

How to Install Android Studio Plugins

The installation process is pretty straightforward.

  • Start Android Studio
  • Open ‘Preferences’
  • Click on the Plugins section
  • Now choose the ‘Browse repositories. It will provide you with a list of all Intellij Plugins.
  • Select the appropriate plugin, then choose ‘Install’.
  • You need to restart the Studio once installation gets completed


Android App Development Services are leveraged by businesses today to build apps for their audience who use multiple Android devices. The above-mentioned list of the Best Android Studio Plugins will be of great use to android app developers. By eliminating time-consuming tasks and imparting greater accuracy to their code, they are sure to speed up the development process.

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