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big-data-analysisBig Data Analysis

In simple terms, Big Data is considered a large volume of data available in both structured and unstructured forms. The data available does not make any big difference. But the way it is utilized and processed brings a whole lot of difference. With improving the significance of Data in the e-world, it has become the talk in enterprise data galleries. It has ultimately increased the efficiency of key enterprise procedures.

Also, Big Data has helped them a lot in analyzing the needs of the clients and the audience in a better aspect. Almost every Big data analytics company has eventually expanded in manifolds by the way it utilized the information. There are certain services that are based purely on it and are also contributing to multiplying their efficiency.

Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. Data analytics consulting practitioners help you analyze data taken from various sources to get valuable analysis results. Narola provides data scientists, engineers, and analysts.

To ensure that your organization takes maximum advantage of services to support better business decisions, Count on us as the best choice amongst the other in a lot of companies. Know the benefits of Big Data Services to any business.

data-integrationData Integration

The data integration solutions in itself is a big term and a productive aspect for the enterprise business structure. All the big data is collected from various resources, at one single point. Further big data analysis of such large data sets works for the betterment of the organization.

The retrieval, filter, and processing of data now have a lot of algorithms associated with it. This makes the data more apt for organizational use. The forming of the final data center goes through the data management strategy. It involves a lot of functions and can be performed only under data analysis and experts. Unmask the complex data and transform it into simpler elements & attributes.

  • Neutralizing the risk factors.
  • Finding the data resources and pulling off the data.
  • Effective monitoring of supply chain management.
  • Implementing a standard architecture based on thorough research

data-warehousingData Warehousing


Storage of It is an equally big challenge. Implementing its ecosystem is another complicated task that needs a lot of time and a team of experts. In such a scenario, data warehousing emerges as a savior. It involves intelligently storing the data and can be processed further as per the current and future needs.

We focus on producing a single central Data Warehouse, which provides a unique solution for all your data challenges. Data Warehousing is transforming the data and loading that into a data repository to do analysis. This helps in making better decisions to improve one’s performance and can be used for reporting.

  • Plan data warehouse capacities for current and future use
  • Optimize data science infrastructure for your workflow
  • Incorporate data from new and traditional sources
  • Blend the right big data technologies to achieve specific goals
  • Build optimized data structures

big-data-analyticsBig Data Analytics

With the help of big data analytics, information can be retrieved. This information is used for several enterprise procedures and set-up. AI Machine learning, data analytics play a key role in processing the information derived from analysis.

Also, it helps the big data consulting organization to take faster decisions complying with them to take immediate action whenever required. We provide a performance-driven and robust big data framework using Apache big data Hadoop and Spark.

There are three basic data architectures in use:

  1. Massively Parallel Processing Systems (MPP)
  2. Data Warehouses
  3. Big Data Hadoop
  • Increase the efficiency of the data analysis process.
  • Draw a more complete picture of your big data analysis information.
  • Test and adopt new tools such as Big data Hadoop, SAP Hana, Hive and Python to generate more impactful results.
  • Apply modern techniques like Naive Bayes, Hidden Markov Models, Gradient Boosted Models, supervise and Unsupervised Learning, cloud computing, self-learning models, etc.

Incorporate advanced analytics in data services like complex event processing, sentiment analysis, and SPSS modeling.


data-visualization-and-biData Visualization & Bi


In a big data analytics company, raw data is highly complicated and is much more difficult to understand. Data visualization helps in turning raw data into a meaningful one. This is done on the basic adaptability of the computing system in reading and analyzing the processed bunch of data. Data visualization tools have been important in democratizing data and analytics.

It is making data-driven insights available to employees throughout an organization. Further business intelligence helps with the technological transformation of the big data analysis into business language so that it can be understood well and can answer the questions effectively.

  • Build industry-specific templates
  • Access dashboards on mobile devices
  • Design executive summary dashboards
  • Access results fast with in-memory visualization
  • Get data-driven actionable insights as they occur
  • Develop data analysis action plans based on clearly presented data

software-solutionsSoftware Solutions

Big data services, when integrated with the business system, can give productive results. The data analytics can help in reading & recording the steps of the customers and choices they make. This data can further be processed to the marketing department to allow them to create a customer service strategy as per the moves of the customers.

It can be placed at many junctions into the system. To record a variety of information that remains beneficial for the company. Our Data Analytics Consulting experts are passionate about working with large data and using it to help the business improve. We offer big data services to help both ISVs and enterprises to develop the products. Transform this data into usable knowledge that enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

  • Run concept tests with NAVIK Concept Test
  • Reduce sales cycle time with NAVIK for Sales
  • Map custom-built application to business needs
  • Support campaign optimization with NAVIK Converter
  • Design and deploy solutions for internal or external use
  • Leverage our product managers, business experts, Specialist

Technologies effectApplication Development


It is becoming a crucial element for all types of businesses. Get an application developed to explore, analyze, manage, operate, and access the variety of data. This can help you in maintaining your business procedures effectively, especially the ones in which the data play a key role.

However, big data application development is challenging. With the growth of mobile, social media, and the internet of things. Big data Hadoop is an open-source database management system for processing large data sets using the MapReduce programming model. Moreover, We are a well-known service provider and offer the finest solutions in San Antonio, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Francisco cities of the USA.

  • Get mobile or web-ready apps
  • Support real-time or batch processing
  • Collaborate on the most effective UI design
  • Integrate the app with big data Hadoop framework

big-data-securityBig Data Security

Data Security is the biggest concern for any enterprise. Data security is the process of securing sensitive information and data sets. By using Data integration services we always keep our client’s data so secure. Technology, data integration, and processing keep data environment secure.

Big data security challenges and stops Unauthorized access, Disclosure, Disruption, Modification, Inspection, Recording, and Destruction. The Kerberos authentication protocol is a great step toward making big data Hadoop environments secure.

Data Integration Solutions include data security as a critical part of its service. Narola Infotech is very conscious of our client’s data. We always keep below things in our mind:

  • Analyze and Monitor
  • Prevent insider threat
  • Secure non-relational data
  • Ensure end-point big data security
  • Secure big data Hadoop data Storage


We’ve spent over 15 years carefully curating the best local and international talent to provide you with flexible staffing solutions that will reduce your costs and increase your output.

  • cloudera
  • hortonworks
  • spark
  • mono-Db
  • kafka
  • datameer
  • splunk
  • apache-hbase
  • apache-cassandra

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