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Big data, in a simple term, is considered a large volume of data in both, structured and unstructured form. The way it is utilized and processed makes it significant. It has influenced some key enterprise procedures by helping a lot in analyzing the need of the clients and audience better.

Narola provides Big Data services in New York, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston. We make use of Hadoop, an open-source software framework by Yahoo for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware.

We have a team of expert data scientists, engineers, and analysts who can help you analyze data taken from various sources to get valuable analysis for better business decisions.


The data integration solutions are a productive aspect for the enterprise business structure. The retrieval, filter, and processing of data have a lot of algorithms associated with it. The forming of the final data center goes through the big data management strategy. It involves a lot of and functions and can be performed only under data analysis and big data experts.

Narola is proficient in dealing with such Big Data challenges. It conducts itself based on the following aspects:

data integration

Data Integration Services

Data warehousingIt emerges as a savior when storage of data comes into the picture. Our big data services focus on producing a single central Data warehouse that provides a unique solution for all your data challenges.


Big Data Analytics: It is used for the retrieval of information based on AI machine learning. Our services provide a performance-driven and robust big data framework by using Apache big data Hadoop and Spark.

Data Visualization BIData visualization tools have been important in democratizing data and analytics. It helps in turning raw data into a meaningful one. BI stands for “Business Intelligence”. Further business intelligence helps with the technological transformation of the big data analysis into business language.


Software SolutionsTo record a variety of information that remains beneficial for the company, We offer big data consulting to help both ISVs and enterprises to develop the products. Big data services transform this Data into useable knowledge that enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

Big Data Application Development: Get a big data application developed to explore, analyze, manage, operate and access the variety of data. This can help you in maintaining your business procedures effectively especially the ones in which the data play a key role.

Big Data Application Development

Big Data Security: Big data security challenges and stops Unauthorized access, Disclosure, Disruption, Modification, Inspection, Recording, and Destruction. At present for any enterprise, data security is of maximum concern.

Data Mining

Data mining services are the process of sorting the big data sets. Data Mining services assist the business, enterprise and corporate models to predict the upcoming trends.

At Narola, we help in mining the data effectively with the help of data analytics and data extraction services. It establishes the relation between the different datasets, including – consumer demographics, customer choices, staff skills, available resources, etc. We allow the clients to set up their marketing and sales strategy.

data mining services

Data Mining Services

Association: Data mining software applications help to keep a check on the sales of the products. It involves various AI machine algorithms that derive a perspective for various aspects of sales and marketing.


Classification: It is a data mining function that assigns items in a collection to target categories or classes. The goal of classification is to accurately predict the target class for each case in the data.

Clustering: Data mining techniques help businesses to create a bunch of data based on the observation of similar types. They can even help in arranging the demographic information of the users in the desired format.


Description: Most of the time, data extraction services from varied sources remain difficult to understand. This step of data mining provides the recorded observation into a simpler format which can be further used for various business processes.

Estimation: It can be generated on the basis of recorded information. A good data mining outcome can be very decisive to make productive choices to improve business.


Prediction: The soul of data mining is reading consumer behavior and recording it as an input. It is crucial to understand consumer moods, and offer deals that boost the business.

Services We Offer

Data Mining for Customer Segmentation
eCommerce Data Mining (Products & Prices)
Social Media Data Mining (LinkedIn etc.)
Web Data Mining
Financial Data Mining
E-book Data Mining
Multimedia or Text Data Mining
SQL Database Mining
Healthcare Data Mining
Data Mining for Fraud Detection
Stock Market Data Mining
Competitor growth analysis and tracking

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