Last Updated: October 5, 2023


Leena Sanap


In this era of widespread automation, Chatbots have carved a special space for themselves. They have revolutionized the field of customer service and communication. So much so that, according to a report by Gartner, more than 80% of customer interaction is geared to be completely automated through these Chatbots in the near future. Chatbot builders or providers are coming with new and innovative virtual conversational assistants with user-friendly interfaces that guide customers in a logical manner.

By stimulating conversations with users through messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or telephone, customer support chatbot provides self-service solutions on various customer issues according to its information. From travel to real estate, finance, education, and healthcare, a wide spectrum of industries are leveraging chatbot customer service to expand their influence, gain more customers, handle multiple requests, and impart an invaluable customer service experience.

Here are some of the best AI customer support chatbot builders for organizations to take advantage of.

Bold 360

Customers are at the heart of every conversation, and no customer support chatbot understands it better than Bold360. Its AI-powered natural language understanding enables it to chat with customers anytime, anywhere. The personalized conversations that this chatbot conducts through its data collection and processing capabilities are what sets it apart from others. It rapidly learns and adapts to the service conversations, thus providing fully customized experiences every single time. Its popularity can be discerned from the fact that companies like Vodafone, RBS, and JustFab have leveraged their services.


Enhance your ROI using Botsify, one of the leading customer support chatbot builders. It is aimed to help you build lasting customer relationships through fully customized content. With Botsify, your chatbot can easily store user information and use it later, all under your supervision. Gain full visibility into your bot's performance in its interaction with customers by simply zooming it in and out. What's more, you can takeover your bot whenever you like through the live chat feature.


It is a codeless and free customer support chatbot for social media like Facebook and Instagram. Its user-friendly interface contains easily understandable instructions that guide you through its building process. You can shape your conversation flow using its customized building blocks. Keywords and phrases can be predefined for AI detection, thus helping your customers to benefit from a humanlike conversation.


The best NLP, according to Domino's, Dialogflow, allows you to integrate your chatbot customer service with a range of platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Facebook Messenger. Its AI-powered virtual assistant does not stick to predefined conversation flow, unlike many bots; instead, it resolves issues on a one-to-one basis. This customer support chatbot is most suitable for big businesses.


Drive your marketing and sales with a no-code chatbot service, ManyChat. You can instantly create a bot for your business free of cost with this chatbot builder. Your business should have a Facebook page for ManyChat to connect to your customers, which incidentally turns out to be its biggest advantage. It is because almost everyone today has Facebook messenger on their devices. The bot effectively builds a business's credibility through its 'Follow-up' conversations with potential customers.


GupShup offers developers APIs to build immersive, interactive, and omnichannel customer service bots, services, and SDKs for web and in-app messaging. It stands apart from others in terms of its unique messages. Affiliated with Whatsapp, GupShup effortlessly handles processes that are left for human intervention by Whatsapp. Benefit from better decisions through insights gained from your businesses’ customer service efforts conducted through Whatsapp.


Take advantage of one of the best chatbot for marketing, i.e., Conversable, to impart AI optimized voice and messaging experiences. You can now build omnichannel conversational campaigns that include Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Amazon, Alexa, and many more. With features like analytic and reporting tools, API interface, interactive conversation editor, pre-built templates, and more, Conversable ensures that your competitive edge is always maintained.


Give your customers exactly what they want, i.e., rapid, customized self-service content in the language of their choice with Ada. Apart from automating interactions, this AI-powered chatbot also automates transactions, paving the way for new upsell opportunities for your business. Receive all information like abandon rate, customer satisfaction metrics, and average handling time with its advanced analytics and boost your customer service experience.


Leverage the combination of machine learning and NLP to automate a range of customer service processes with Clare.AI. This virtual assistant is thoroughly trained with data and insights from the financial industry. Thus, it is fully optimized to respond to customer FAQs, fix appointments, and even help them regulate their finances.


The chatbot development company Livechat offers eCommerce businesses an amazing solution to handle their unique customer inquiries with BotEngine. This chatbot customer service can be used on several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. It automates time-consuming tasks, like taking orders and bookings. It assembles previous interaction data and keeps checking it with current interactions to provide more precise and accurate responses. Boost your leads with dramatically minimized waiting time and endless customer support with this AI-powered chatbot.


Chatbots have moved away from being just a fancy IT jargon to a functional tool implemented by an increasing number of marketers. Although these conversational interfaces can never replace the actual human experience, it’s impossible to deny that their impact on businesses has been tremendous. Every business organization wants to impart great customer experience in a time-effective way. Chatbots are there to help you achieve exactly that!

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