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angularjs-development-companyThe Best AngularJS Development Company for Your Website

Narola has been a proficient AngularJS development company for many years now. We have worked on a number of client AngularJS projects with all its updated versions. Our web developers are well experienced with the AngularJS tools and therefore take minimum time for your website’s front-end development.

angularjs-development-company Why AngularJS Development Company is the Solution For You?

AngularJS development services are a great option for the front-end development of websites. Whether you only have an idea, an MVP(Minimum Viable Product), wireframes or a full-fledged existing website that needs to be revamped for the good, Narola’s team of Angular JS developers can work it out for you. A website that is based on the Angular JS framework, is highly interactive and offers a suitable user interface for your visitors.

angularjs-development-companyPerks Of Using AngularJS For Front-end Development

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    Single Code

    Developing one code that can be used for web, mobile, native desktop, and native mobile applications can be possible with AngularJS development. This saves a lot of time and resources that go into building each code individually. Also, making changes becomes easier.


    High speed

    Applications developed with AngularJS are capable of tracing maximum speed on the web platform. They are dynamic, support easy installation and have near-zero loading time. Thus, they offer better performance and the first choice for most front-end developers.

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  • angularjs-development-company

    Progressive web app development

    All the applications built are online. There might be situations when you don’t necessarily have an internet connection. With PWA, you get the benefit of working in the offline mode. They also bridge the gap between web and mobile. So, no matter which device is used, your app works seamlessly.


    2-way Data Binding

    AngularJS development services include data binding. This means there is seamless synchronization in the data of the model and view. Changes in the model are reflected in the view and vice versa. This is useful as the changes made by the user are immediately made in the underlying layers as well, giving scope to better UI/UX development.



We’ve spent over 15 years carefully curating the best local and international talent to provide you with flexible staffing solutions that will reduce your costs and increase your output.

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Why do people love us?

Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions. They have never diminishing faith in us, and thus, they work with us time and again.

  • I've given him a difficult task where the project specification was a bit complicated. He's spent some time to deeply understand it and gave me even his suggestions. Overall, he's done an awesome work.

    Katsuya F CEO | Japan
  • The team at Narola have done great things for my project and have exceeded my expectations many times. They have been great to work with and I will definitely use them again. Would highly recommend!

    Steven R Business Manager | USA
  • Well organized professional company, whose employees have good english skills and great CAN DO-attitude. A good company who wants to serve it's clients well and fast.

    Katja A CEO | Finland

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