January 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


Developers are always on the lookout for new strategies and means that will enable them to enhance online conversion and traffic. However, many experiences the ill effects from users that download their application and seldom uses the app.

This is where Google steps in with an answer by launching Instant Apps known as Google Play Instant.

Android Instant Apps: What is in Store for Developers

Instant Apps enable you to access a cloud-based application on your Android smartphone directly without the need of installing from the Play store. This won’t just spare users time and storage space, but they can have an insight about the features of the app before installing the full package into their device. Now let us dive deep into the detailed aspects of Android Instant Apps.

Instant Apps can be found in the Play Store. By tapping ‘Open App’ you can access its features. What is best is that you can try out specific parts of the app using a URL. Recently, Google has incorporated a “Try it Now” option as well for some of the Instant Apps in the Play Store. Wondering what it has in store for developers and the users.

The best thing about Android Studio 3.0 is that it will support instant applications in a better and innovative way. One can download the Android Instant SDK from the SDK Manager. Once you have downloaded the software development kit (SDK), you can include the link by employing the App Links Assistant.

How Will Instant Apps Help Developers?

The idea of Instant Apps is an encouraging one and Google has lured developers with the success of such applications. There are Applications that have expanded their conversion by more than 25% owing to Google Play Instant. Furthermore, it has helped a few game developers to expand their audience.

Google has additionally been trying Google Play Instant with AdWords. They unveiled that their advertisements have pushed the installation of 10 billion apps. These illustrations show that Instant Apps can enable developers to enhance user engagement and revenue. Given the level of rivalry on the Google Play Store, it just bodes well for developers to make an Instant App and grow their user base.

Conclusion: Should Developers Make Instant Apps?

Having the capacity to run and play an application without installing it sounds useful to people since they won’t have to stress about consuming data and storage space. The idea of Instant Apps is likewise enticing to developers as it can at last help to expand user commitment, activity span, conversion rates and more. It is a win-win situation for both.

If you are an Android developer, you must definitely start using Google Play instant and see how it helps you.

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