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Agile engineering is considered the most preferred methodology for software application development. It is a process which makes the software development easier, quicker and better than ever. It ensures that all the resources are getting utilized at the top of their capability, thus guarantee greater ROI. Also, it keeps all the steps running at any given point in time. Thus, each step remains independent connected. The agile engineering is just not limited to software development but hardware arrangement and set-up can be effectively done using it.

Narola has been practicing the agile methodology in all its software development projects since day 1. The company is known for implementing agile project management in the best possible conduct. Our agile experts help us in moving smoothly during SDLC and also ensures each step is completely on par with agile standards. Narola has gained wide recognition in agile based software development and is considered as the leader in IT development.

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Agile Development Methodology

The agile methodology, which has remained the favorite for the IT industry, has well tested and measured steps which works together to bring out the productive result in software and hardware development. Let’s have a look towards the steps involved:


Strategies that Initialize

The first step has to be strategizing the complete thing as a whole and in subset. Agile engineering include the planning of the scrum (The subset of the agile methodology). The scrums unite together to form to complete the software development plan.

Implementing Codes for Development

Each scrum is consists of basic software development life cycle steps, including – coding, testing and executing in a pattern followed by agile engineering. The process keep on repeating until the complete and error free development of the project.

Code Development


The project is successfully released when each of the independently developed scrums are integrated together and further, final testing is done. It also include – the demo practice carried out by the sample group of common users and experts.

Our Approach

Agile Development is well tested and accepted SDLC methodology. It keeps a check on everything, including – budget, time, resources, technology and security features. Thus, it can perform in any given environment and can work for any of software development projects, whether big or small, easy or complicated and based on single technology or varied ones.

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Our Clients are Amazing

  • Narola Infotech helped me configure the positioning of these customized Joomla modules using CSS to place them as per my design screenshot. They also agreed to work on a Saturday (for a bonus) so that it would be done by Monday. Thanks!!!

    Kimo Lee
    Kimo Lee Azurelink | USA
  • Very happy. Delivered in less hours and duration than estimated and provided regular detailed communications throughout.

    Chris Zemdegs
    Chris Zemdegs Infront Systems | Australia

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