Our Development Process

Our methodology aims to deliver the right product, with incremental and frequent delivery of small chunks of functionality, through small cross-functional self-organizing teams, enabling frequent customer feedback and course correction as needed. Requirements, plans, and results are evaluated continuously so our agile teams have a natural mechanism for responding to change quickly.

Development Process
  • Brainstorm


    First up is the concept phase. Here, a product owner will determine the scope of their project. If there are numerous projects, they will prioritize the most important ones. The product owner will discuss key requirements with a client and prepare documentation to outline them, including what features will be supported and the proposed end results

  • Design


    This phase focuses on the product’s visual appeal. Along with seamless functionalities, visual impression plays a major role in the success of a software product. Based on the discussions and expectations of the client, our design team puts in the best of their efforts into curating an impeccably designed diaphragm for the product.

  • Development


    The development phase is when we work on the actual execution of the software solution/app idea. Once everything is discussed and there’s a finalized design on the table, our developers put their skills and expertise to work, creating a feature-rich product. According to the agreed tech stack, all necessary resources are leveraged to ensure perfection.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Dysfunctional applications that have bugs are certainly not on the list of options. Therefore, the next phase involves quality assurance. Our quality analyst team conducts both manual and automated tests as per the pre-decided QA plan. This is important to make sure all elements of the software product work without flaws when launched.

  • Deployment


    Once the product is tested against various constraints and passes the quality check, it’ll be ready for deployment. It’s time to “end” the development process, but not without a proper plan. Our team will come up with a proper deployment plan in this phase, stating how your software should go live, who will do it, and how it will be maintained in the future.

  • Deliver to Client

    Deliver to Client

    At the time of deployment, all the important elements are aligned so that there’s no room for failure. In the next step, the software product is handed over to whomever it may concern, following the instructions as per the deployment plan. Your product will be ready to roll.

  • Next Iteration

    Next Iteration

    When most clients think that the development process has ended, many more tasks are likely to resurface. Updates, maintenance, and changes are essential to ensure the smooth working of your software. Therefore, in the post-development phase, our team makes the necessary changes and updates to the product so that it accomplishes the business goals you have set.

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