General FAQ for Website and Web App Development

General FAQ's For Website Application Development

Any business individuals or company has some FAQs(Frequently asked questions) in mind when they go for application development on the websites. We have tried to cover them. These are the most common ones in this Website FAQs :

Should I go for Multi-Page Website or Single Page Website?

Both are good at their place. But, the trend these days is of single page website. There are several benefits of the single page over multi-page. The former site wins over the latter in better ease of interaction and access.

What is the Role of SEO in Web Development?

The structure of the website must be search engine optimized. It helps in maintaining your rank in search engine listing. The optimized sites take much lesser time in getting up in the rank in comparison with the plain ones.

What can be done to protect the Website?

For general login and sign up, you can have captcha filters. It avoids the bots from making a place on your website. Further, you can ask your hosting company to provide you multi-layer firewall protection.

Does a fancy look work well for the website?

While most of the newbies think that fancy look attracts the users. However, it usually does not help in pleasing the web portal. The fact is – though fancy look can fascinate the visitor it overpowers the features, products, and services available on the site. Your main aim is to get the user to use your product and service. Hence, you should go for a logical and clear web design.

What is the Importance of SiteMap?

Sitemap guides and informs the search engine bots. It gives information about the structure of the website. Due to this, they crawl the information from each and every page of your site.

Is it necessary to have chat window on your site?

It depends upon the nature of your business. If your business has much to do with query and solution, you can have the chat window. But it is more about just selling the products. You can easily get the problems related to such can be directed to your mail.

Should I go for Frameworks or Should I get my website using pure codes?

A combination of both of them will work as it will take lesser time and also ensure the quality development. If you choose one among these then you cannot avail both the benefits.

The questions mentioned below can be easily taken care by a good developer of website applications irrespective of the programming language he uses. We hope the blog is helpful in answering all the FAQs

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