Last Updated: November 6, 2023


Ifrah Khan


A single metric is not capable of measuring the success of any mobile application. The same goes for an app like Tinder. The purpose of the dating app, its objectives, and results must be precise. On its basis, the correct metrics can be determined to measure the engagement and success of an app. 

User experience becomes a prerequisite for Tinder clone app developers. This is especially true when they begin to develop their mobile presence in the hopes of meeting customer requirements. Besides, the quality of the mobile application is measurable through its user engagement and operations. 

The number of Tinder clone apps continues to rise due to demand on Play Store and iTunes. For measuring success, developers must evaluate the right metrics. This will allow them to improve the applications and reach their targeted objectives. Listed below are eight of the most valuable metrics for tracking the success of Tinder clone app development

Metrics Used to Track Tinder Clone App Success


Acquisitions or User Reach

The acquisition number shows the total downloads a Tinder clone app may receive. Users may install the application from any specific location. It may occur via organic search, paid ad campaigns, through other users, or in-app referrals.

This metric stands out when campaigning through paid partners like Facebook for app download promotion. Besides organic users, the app developers may track the quality of currently acquired users.

Session Length

A session length measures the period between which the Tinder clone app is opened and closed. It may also indicate when the app times out. This shows the amount of time spent in every app usage session.

The session length tracking helps to generate a good revenue potential within the Tinder clone app.

Session Interval

The session period refers to the period between the first and next session of a user. This helps to indicate the frequency of mobile app usage. For Tinder clone apps as well, this is a benchmark for retention.

It indicates the number of users who have access to the Tinder clone in a given period. This metric quantifies app retention and offers direct input for further improvement.


This metric monitors the percentage of users who may return to your Tinder clone app based  on their first visit. It highlights the most valuable and committed users of the app.

In addition, the Tinder like dating app development company receives more targeted elements to measure in-app purchases and engagement levels. It plays a crucial role in converting prime users into transactions and sales, boosting revenue flow and lifetime value. 


Number Of Downloads

The first step to app success is to reach a significant number of downloads. The aim here is to consolidate a broader user base for better engagement with an app like Tinder. It is crucial to understand the source of the app installation. From the marketing viewpoint, it increases the efficacy of marketing and advertising strategies. 

Screen Flow

Screen flow monitors the number of exits made by the users. Besides this it measures the movement between screens, overall screen visits. Simply put, screen flow visualizes the app's overall user experience in general.

A clear sense of navigation made by users can be detected through screen flow. This allows the Tinder clone app developers to sense problem zones, screen drops, and conversion path blocks.

Lifetime Value (LTV)

LTV is primarily an income metric, reflecting a Tinder clone app's financial value. Besides, it also indicates the benefits of clients or customers in the long term. The LTV can be categorized through the average monthly value, per customer value, or loyalty metric. It displays overall growth throughout the years across varied distribution platforms. 

Besides this, it also shows the value of non-mobile vs mobile users; which user segment is more loyal, spends more, and is a huge brand evangelist.

Active users

Active users represent the number of users who engage daily or frequently with the Tinder clone app. This helps to give a basic understanding of the app's growth. Typical indicators are Daily active users (DAU), Monthly active users (MAU), and stickiness (DAU/MAU).



By now, it’s clear that user experience is of topmost priority for the higher success of your app like Tinder. It entails user acquisition, retention, session length and intervals, screen flow, and lifetime value. Download percentage and active user base are also crucial to track your Tinder clone app’s success.

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