January 28, 2021


Leena Sanap


Are you a fledgeling startup looking for an ideal framework to provide you with user-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible web development solutions? Ruby on rails web development framework can be precisely what you’re searching for.

As a well-known open-source web application framework, ROR uses the Ruby programming language. The simplicity of this language has enabled many businesses to build successful applications on its framework. Shopify, Twitter, and Netflix are some successful ventures that have leveraged Ruby on Rails development services to build cutting-edge applications.

ROR differs from other development frameworks for the plethora of advantages that it offers. Let us elaborate on what makes ROR the most sought-after platform among businesses. We are sure that after reading, you will be convinced to hire an RoR development company for your startup.

Reasons that make ROR perfect for your startup

Quick development

One simply cannot ignore the importance of speed to thrive in a global market. Complete with readymade plugins and modules, RoR makes the web application development process much easier. It offers ready-to-use libraries and templates that help save time and enable rapid product development. Ruby can adjust without any coding restrictions. All this means that you can enjoy a reduced time-to-market of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Easy on your pocket

Tight budgets and constraints of time are common problems faced by most startups. Using Ruby on Rails open-source framework, which operates under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license, is an ideal way to counter these challenges. You don’t need to pay any licensing fees. Besides, the wide range of functionalities present in RoR’s expansive library is also almost free. Thus, if you’re low on funds, Ruby on rails web development framework can greatly assist you.

Flexible and scalable

A startup needs to take into account the importance of scalability. Every startup is geared towards attracting more traffic for its products/services. Lack of a scalable platform means that you won't be able to handle the increased load that comes with more traffic. The ability of RoR to scale according to dynamic customer demands makes it the perfect choice for your emerging business.

Talented and active communities

RoR boasts of a vibrant talent pool of programmers who willingly share their valuable knowledge with the world. It’s an open-source framework supported by developers who happily solve any kind of issues you face. They assist you in complex projects and also provide well-tested plugins and modules to address every one of your concerns.

Easy to learn and deploy

Compared to others, Ruby is a straightforward programming language. Startup members can quickly learn the language and start deploying it to build applications. It dramatically relieves their dependency on others, saving time and money in the process. It resembles the English language to a large extent and has built-in libraries that enhance your knowledge and expertise.

No room for errors

RoR fulfills your desire for a seamless and errorless user experience. To ensure an error-free environment, the ROR framework places emphasis on TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development). The automated tests are written before coding, thus removing any scope for errors. This leads most startups to hire a Ruby on Rails development company for their applications.

Agile methodology

RoR developers swear by the agile development approach. It allows developers to release products much faster. Through this approach, they can discover potential areas for improvement and rapidly respond to customer demands. Detecting and resolving errors as early as possible makes way for a smooth product development lifecycle.

Undoubtedly, no startup would want to miss the immense benefits that RoR offers. After you’ve decided to use this framework for launching your product, its time to look for a reliable ROR development company. To select an appropriate company, there are a few things you must consider.

Things to keep in mind before you avail Ruby on Rails services

An authentic and rich portfolio

You would certainly not want to invest and place your trust in the hands of inexperienced developers. The company must possess a proven record of its RoR services for you to take things further with them.

Quality and cost-effective

As an emerging startup, you should always opt for an RoR company that can provide cost-effective services without compromising on the quality.

Company’s location

Ensure that your preferred company or team of coders are coming from a place that is well-known for providing great services.


RoR community is growing by leaps and bounds. New knowledge and expertise are being added to the platform for startups to leverage. More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits that this platform can offer. It has already been successfully harnessed by some major businesses like Airbnb, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. It is now your turn to capitalize on this amazingly versatile web development framework and flourish globally.

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