January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


Digital marketing is the current trend that enables you to find new ways to promote your website. There are several tools that help you drive huge traffic to your website without spending much.

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to enhance your online visibility and promote your products/services in a better way. If you are worried about how to drive organic traffic, this post is of great help. We have compiled the list of 7 must have digital marketing tools that help you this year. These tools are used many reputed agencies that provide digital marketing services.

1.SEMrush (SEO Tool)

SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps you find profitable keywords. Whether it is in terms of driving huge traffic or generating more revenue, SEMrush can transform the way your site functions. Professionals who use SEMrush have a better understanding of the current status of your website.

You will know about the digital marketing strategies of your competitors, based on which you can make the decision. The key benefits of SEMrush are – competitor research, keyword research for organic traffic, domain comparison and more.

2.UberSuggest (Ranking Tool)

This is a free tool that helps Google bots know about your website without the need of stuffing the content with keywords. This tool can enhance the experience of users when they search to find your article. This is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps you find everything from keywords to site statistics.

In this era of SEO, it is quite easier to rank high with niche-based websites. You can generate an unlimited number of suggestions for free and take your content creation strategies to the next level. This increases the chances of creating high ranking websites that drive organic traffic.

3.BuzzSumo (Content-based Tool)

This intelligent tool allows marketers to create and distribute content in an effective way. It can be used at different stages of content development such as research and insight, content creation, curation, aggregation, competitor research, monitoring, distribution and promotion and many more.

You can set up brand alerts and keywords in such a way to get alerts every time someone link to your site or content. Whether it is setting RSS feed or monitoring the mention of your brand – you can do everything with this single tool.

This is also an all-purpose digital marketing toolbar for investigating clients and competitors quickly. It is accessed primarily via a toolbar and can even be integrated into SERPs. The data includes – on-page metrics, title tags, meta robots, alt text, link profile and many more.

The free version gives access to only limited features, while the paid version provides detailed information about the SEO metrics. It can also give SEO experts an understanding of the authority of page and domain.

5.Screaming Frog (Technical SEO)

Screaming Frog is one of the oldest digital marketing tools that fetches online elements by crawling through the site URL. This tool allows you to find broken links and ensures proper redirect. This powerful tool has many features such as – generate XML, discover duplicate content, analyze page title and many more.

6.Google Keyword Planner ( Keyword Research Tool)

This free keyword research tool from Google Adwords is intended to help professionals find the right keywords to drive organic traffic to their website. You can optimize your website for relevant keywords as well as add some Google Adwords that have high demand on your site.

This is a wonderful tool for professionals looking for more topics or niche marketers. It can also be used as a guide to give a perfect structure to your website.

7.SEO crawler (On-Page SEO Tool)

SEO crawler is the best on-page SEO tool that helps you optimize your website for popular keywords. It has many features such as – site auditor, keyword optimization, duplicate content, page speed, broken links and many more.

You can recreate each page on your website without the need of hiring a professional SEO consultant. You can even track the changes in their Rank Tracker and how it changes in the coming weeks.


I hope this compilation gave you a fair idea of 7 must have digital marketing tools to drive organic traffic.

Are you using any of these tools for promoting your website? Share your thoughts by commenting below. If you are not much familiar with these tools, you should hire a reliable agency that provides digital marketing services.

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