Why 55 percent web development companies outsource projects to web application development companies in India?


We are here to explain Why 55 percent web development companies outsource to Indian software development companies? Many overseas companies do Outsourcing website application development. The web development companies show interest in getting their key work done through some other firms from the same sector. Sectors like mobile and game app creation and digital marketing are also booming. This ever-increasing outsourcing work is giving rise to the question – why most of the companies are doing so? We have done a thorough research on the same. On that basis, we have come with a few logical reasons. Have a look at them:

Lots of Work in Hand 

The popular IT companies get a lot of projects. Sometimes, they get work far beyond their expectations. These companies have limited resources. Hence, it won’t be possible for them to complete work in-house. Also, recruiting new employees take a lot of time. It also adds to the efforts and money. Thus, they prefer to outsource their work. In doing so they get it done on time.

Quality of Work – major reason – why 55 percent of web development companies outsource to India

Most of the outsourcing work goes to the creative companies. These companies have a proven track record in the software application development industry. These companies deliver quality work. They can also get the work within the stipulated time.

Fewer Prices 

South Asian countries like India get the Maximum offshore work. This is because the cost is too low in comparison to the western countries. It also allows the overseas companies to increase their profit margins. This is a win situation for them from all the sides.

Proper Control 

When you outsource the work, it becomes easier for you to control it. You do not have to look at each step closely. However, in this fashion, you look at the project on the whole. Also, it gives you the liberty to monitor the project pretty wisely. It also makes your work hassle-free. This also helps in improving the quality.

Wide Recognition 

You get the credit for delegating the work. Other companies combine together to complete the project, however, you get the maximum applauds. Thus, you get wide recognition and accolade in the market. More offshore partners make life easier. You can take the liberty to take more projects than your capability. Hence, your business grows at a faster pace.


Each company has their own methodology. They use their own creativity and working style. When you outsource your work, you learn a lot many things from them. This even helps you to get things better at your end. This learning also helps you in becoming a better company.

The above mentioned are the key reasons that are giving rise to the outsourcing mobile application development along with web designing. There are several other aspects as well, which will be discussing in the next installment of the blog.

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