January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


App development of both android and ios app development has become important. It is an important aspect of today’s commercial world. There are a lot of technologies available to help the developers. Therefore, it really becomes difficult to choose one among them. However, if one gets deeper into the skin of the available coding dialects and frameworks. They can choose the one that delivers their needs in the best way. We have made app development easy in this blog. We are including the 5 firebase benefits for application development including iOS SDK

Did you look at the present commercial marketing conditions? With this in mind, Firebase can be the best framework to develop mobile and web applications. In the first place, Firebase allows real-time database development. This means that if a user pushes his profile content over the application, as a matter of fact, it will automatically update the users. The servers are not needed to store the data, the framework is smart to do everything on its own. The key advantages of Firebase are as under:


Authentication is first among the 5 firebase benefits for application development including iOS SDK. Firebase provides a lot of features to authenticate a user over the website or applications. They include – instant UI libraries, SDKs. Similarly, backend services are also one of the many other features. The users can log in with username and password as the framework authentically supports the same. Also, it allows the user to sign in using firebase authentication SDK.

Test Lab

This feature is used to test the devices available on the Google’s data center. It helps the programmers to find the issues which belong to a configuration setting of a device. The result of the test lab is consistent. A variety of content which is a part of your project is available in firebase console. The best advantage is that it checks for the crashes even if you have not provided any test code for the applications.


Let me explain to you the process. As a matter of fact, production-grade content assists the programmers to seamlessly send content (static) and applications to a content delivery network utilizing just a command. In particular, it has inbuilt auto-provisioned SSL, domain support, certificates and other essential components. In other words, it is pretty simple with Firebase.


It helps in getting the developers the concentrated client’s notifications. This is beneficial for both the side, the development and the company that usually look for a platform which is adaptable to notification thing and that requires nothing other than the basic codes and a console to send the messages.

Cloud Messaging

It has a unique and affordable Google cloud messaging solution which actually incurs no cost and effectively enables the customers to send the messages. Using this feature, you can even tell a user about the message or any sort of information available for synchronization.

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