Month: January 2021

Top 5 Java Development Tools & Frameworks

Java Application Development through mobile or web application developer: There are numerous Java Web Frameworks available for Java Web Developers in India. A web application framework (WAF) or a web framework (WF) is a software framework which helps in developing web applications, web APIs (Application Programming Interface), and web services. Web framework can ease the everyday …

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The Value of Infographics in Online Marketing

More enlightening than a graphic, more graphic than information, the “infographic” is overwhelming the world. For the new, infographics are graphic visual portrayals of information or data. They represent information unmistakably and rapidly in graphic arrangement, which would somehow or another be long and complex in text frame. Consider them the visual version of a …

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IOT Needs AI

“At one of my current talks in New York about AI in the production network, one of the key inquiries that surfaced was “Would you say you are discussing robots?” “AI has been romanticized into this unique term that invokes pictures of strolling robots doing your household tasks while you simply take a load off.” “Be …

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