Microservices are the best and efficient replacement single deployment models. In the technical aspects, enterprises face a lot of problem with single architecture module, microservices comes as a savior and work as a flawless service model.

Narola emphasize the usage of microservices model in the enterprises galleries of the world. We understand the work-structure of the enterprises remain complicated even when all the working modules are technically connected. Most of the enterprises faces the problem with service architecture, where they face problem on daily basis. The pain points are mainly related to the flow of data among the different services and every time, a bulk query is passed to fetch or to push the data, it misbehaves. Thus, we believe in one which show no flaws in data exchange, access, maintenance and flow. Also, the system remain active and available even when multiple queries are pushed on a single node. This is the beauty of microservices.

Unlike, the standard architecture – it has every service working independently. They can be connected to any other service through the API, which remain easy and available to connect. Also, in microservice architecture – it is not necessary that every service in the system must have similar coding language, they can be different – it won’t create any hack.

At Narola, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand their system basic requirements to design a service structure which can auto scale and perform at their highest potential. For new systems based on load and performance analysis, we assist the clients in designing and implementing  architecture. For existing monolithic applications, which are developed and packaged in single deployable and requires performance boost can be tailored into microservices. For these kind of applications, we understand its structure and functionality then based on its usage by consumer and business domain we break it into multiple microservice modules.

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 01/ Co-Discover

We are artist when it comes to application development. Thus, we keep you at driver seat while developing your application, so that you can have full control and access over the project development activities.


 02/ Be The Leader

We make you the leader of your project right from the beginning and allow you to select your team from the pool of our 200 innovative developers.


 03/ Development

Participate in your project development procedure whenever you want. WE offer you the flexibility to be the center part in your project development process and allow you to monitor/inspect the activities as well as elements involved.


 04/ Launch

We will handover the application/project to you along with intellectual property rights once the application is developed and checked as per your requirements & set standards. However, you can always ask for help and support post app development as well.

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