Internet of Things (IoT)

Making Devices Intelligent

Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the biggest, most happening and most impactful thing in the near future. Probably, tomorrow’s world will be surrounded by IoTs. Thus, Narola is playing its best cards to rule the Internet of Things concept.

Everything around us is slowly changing into Internet of Things and Narola is contributing its part in transforming the daily common things. We have innovative approach towards digital reality and it could be brought through IoT. Thus, we are making our whole and sole effort in digitizing the common things.

We are working with the vision to ‘weave the human life with IoT’ to make the things a lot easier, better and happening than now. With IoT, our goal is to create a new connected, secure and innovative world.

Services We Offer

IoT Consulting

IoT Consulting

Developing IoT apps for the businesses require a deep study and analysis. You can consult us to analyze your business requirements and how IoT apps can help in satisfying them. The consultation helps you in connecting the key point of your business through IoT Apps.

Integration & Implementation

Integration & Implementation

IoTs work best when they are integrated & implemented well with the existing system. The analysis of the on-going system is required to connect with developed IoT apps. At narola, our technical experts are proficient in integration & implementation Internet of Things Apps.

Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

We develop variety of IoT Apps, but we have seen businesses struggling with analytics & insights of their commercial. Thus, we develop applications that can help them in finding accurate analytics & insights of their business, which can help them in potential growth.

Standardization & Transformation

Standardization & Transformation

IoT is brought into the enterprise sector to bring transformation and to standardize the key things. Our IoT solution remain deeply rooted to your business requirements, environment, culture and behavior. Thus, it helps in functional value addition in your enterprise.



IoT has widened its wings and is almost there in each & every sector. Cybersecurity is one among the thing which requires the best of IoTs as we are living in an age where cyber hacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Our cybersecurity solutions will keep you protected from all such checks.

Niche Services

Niche Services

We are master in developing the IoTs solutions of varied types for myriad industry using distinct technologies. We understand the current era belong to the innovation with logical approach which is quite practical in nature. We have left no stone unturned in reaching to the soul of IoT technology.

Industry Solution

Smart Assets

Bring smart assets into the picture of business and see, how they change the things for the good and allow you to enjoy productive benefits in many term while making your processes simpler & quicker.

Smart Operations

Change the way of your business operation and bring smart ones to the table. It will help you in better process management, calculating risks, predicting appropriate analytics and in developing insights.

Smart Manufacturing

It helps in reading the key aspects of manufacturing business and help in offering the values which ultimately results in smart production process, taking smart decisions, and smart analytics.

Smart Supply Chain

Maintain the flow of the business information in the smarter way through IoT Apps. Also, get the advanced and structured data generated through the IoT devices placed at key areas of your business.

Smart Facilities

Bring the smart facilities and connect it with the existing ecosystem. It will help in better operations, monitoring and management. Also, these facilities can secure and boost the business processes.

Smart Experience

Understand your customer in a better way as it will help you in serving them in a better way. Way smart behavior capturing apps, you can get in-depth analysis of customer’s behavior.

Smart Sustenance

Minimum resources, minimum costs and maximum output remain the key requirement of the business. With IoT solutions at your side, the cost can be reduced and ROI can be amazingly increased.

Smart Connected Products

Connected products can help the enterprise in great manner. The connected products can assist each other in achieving their goals and ensures best information reaches to the products in sync.

Our Technological Expertise

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Stories Of People Impressed By Our Service Offerings.

  • Narola Infotech helped me configure the positioning of these customized Joomla modules using CSS to place them as per my design screenshot. They also agreed to work on a Saturday (for a bonus) so that it would be done by Monday. Thanks!!!

    Kimo Lee
    Kimo Lee Azurelink | USA
  • Very happy. Delivered in less hours and duration than estimated and provided regular detailed communications throughout.

    Chris Zemdegs
    Chris Zemdegs Infront Systems | Australia

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