Narola has promisingly served varied industry verticals and also played a vital role in complete transformation of a few among them. WE have earned excellence in providing key solution to these industries after understanding their entire working mechanism. WE then derived the idea that can suit them the best and can positively put impact on varied functioning areas to enhance the reliability, productivity and feasibility. The industries we have positively influenced are listed below:


Augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) are the two terms that are driving the technical world in wonders. Narola has different perception over both this technologies and is working exclusively on both.

In both these terms, innovation remain the key which has the capability to offer great user experience. We ensure our efforts solve the purpose by offering the client unmatchable experience.

In augmented reality, we have always kept the things out of the universe that everyone wish to visit but could not make the reach. But, we assure them to experience the unexperienced and place the things among their audience in a way that can charm them in a single go. Whether, it is designing the website, e-brochure, business card or anything within augmented reality approach, we accomplish all such things in our own unique style and ensure that it turns out highly productive for the clients.

In virtual reality, we drive the virtual experience most closer to the real one. VR is aimed to provide the audience unbelievable experiences through the devices. We work to make the experience more happening and lively, so that the end-user can get engaged completely in VR. We have delivered some mind blowing virtual world innovations to the clients which are bang-on to the international benchmarks, and we are still growing bigger and better.

To  have an extremely outstanding AR & VR creative invention, one can always to us or consult us. We will be pleased to offer you the best innovation.


Communication industry has formed new dimensions in the recent years. This newly developed dimensions are based on the high end technology and also have certain limitations which can be tackled through technical invention. The communication service providers face ample number of challenges every now and then, whether it be the upgradation of the running technology or adapting the new or having loop-holes in the existing ones. These areas are meant to be settled through the development of matching software applications.

Narola has effectively taken care of the communication industry by addressing its key problems and providing them the most suitable solution. We have also played key part in monitoring the system to find out where it actually misbehaves or where the productivity goes down. After discovering the problematic areas, we have researched thoroughly on the same to invent the technical solution that can factually address the problems.

We have also helped the communication industry to serve better services to the clients and assisted in technical enhancement of the running services to get it better user experience. WE have also developed ourselves to offer the industry robust IT solutions to upgrade the level of customers service and to extend the limits of the technology.

Security remain the main area of concern in the communication industry as most of the things remain open-end and hence, threat for the security remain up there. But, we have provided them the software tools & applications to effectively overcome the issue, thereby ensuring secure flow of the services.


Education is future and the base of every productive development across all the industrial as well as non-industrial segments. Hence, technical empowerment and innovation should be the priority of the education industry.

Narola has always believed in enhancing the learning ability, understanding capability and practical approach of the students through creative technical methods, so that they can be trained in a better manner for their respective career goals.

Whether it is about bringing the best informative material for the student from across the globe or to develop personalized learning methods for the students, whether it is about providing students new tech tools to help their learning or developing an entire technical education ecosystem for them, Narola does it all for the technical transformation of the education system.

Over the years, Narola has studied about the education system and invested a lot to research on the technical methods that could bring revolution in the education industry. Eventually, we have achieved success in delivering the students and education system some remarkable IT solutions that have changed the course of said sector and have brought them several positive results.

From designing an app for admin help to developing a system for school data management, from innovating new learning concepts to developing a fresh edu apps for the students, we do it all extensively for the upliftment of education standards.

The education industry can always count on us to bring them any  desired solution that could do well for the future of students. We are here to offer exclusive help, do contact us to get the best ever IT solution.

Financial Services

The main task for the organizations providing financial services remain to keep the budget tight and reduced investment cost. Thus, they look out for the technical solutions capable of satisfying these key demands. However, irony remain there to find out the IT company who can provide the same at low prices yet functioning well.

Narola has always served such organizations in bringing them the best software solution completely based on their key needs and requirements. Whether, it has to be software as a service (saas) platform or a well managed monitoring application, Narola offers the right solution to stay accurate on the industry demand.

The areas in the financial services segment where IT solution or system can play a part are vast but ye to be discovered. We also suggest them the main upfronts  technology can offer legitimate solutions by taking care of the budget part to the best.

From an automated customer handling by developing a virtual BPO system to systematically keeping up the data, to monitoring the key business processes, to integration of the outdoor system without manual interference, we offer all sort of solutions to the financial industry.

You can also take optimum advantage of our consulting service where we will offer you the solution that suits your business model niche-to-niche.

Health Care

The technical advancements in the healthcare industry is need of the hour and has been taken care well in the recent past. With the owing IT inventions, it has become possible for the healthcare industry to offer better medical care services to the ailing part of the society. However, need for new technological solution remain there in the healthcare industry and remain different depending on the area of expertise of medi-care entity.

Narola has always been a technical aide for the healthcare industry. WE have produced several technical and software solution for the medical care facilities to keep them equipped to deal with variety of health care disorders. Whether it is to track the vital signs of the patient to enabling a software application to help them in operating a patient, we have did it all for them. Also, we have developed several monitoring application to capture the health care history of the patients and prescription offered.

We have also helped them in building an admin software to track the multiple record of the patients along with maintaining the inventory care facility along with maintaining appointment with doctors with respect to their availability and many other things. We have really helped them in making their job easy giving them more time to handle more number of patients.

With automated system and software applications, it becomes easy for the doctors & health care facilities to reduce treatment cost and yet maintaining quality by being highly accurate in dealing with the disorder.


Hospitality industry is flourishing with a greater pace and needs technology to accompany it to ensure the seamless flow in serving the customers needs. Narola has always been a key player in providing the said industry latest technical help and made sure that they do not face any difficulty in dealing with the clients.

Hospitality industry is very sensitive one where the provider has to be 100% assured of the things that clients need for a comfortable stay. We equip the industry with the latest software apps and other relevant things to ensure that customers avail mind-blowing service experience.

From providing admin help to front office to creating a web portal to interact with the client, we help the hospitality industry at every crucial step. Also, we help the hotels to manage their customers on board and in quick flow of information as well as resources within house to keep everything on check.

From developing smart card technology to generating QR techniques, we also help hotels to ensure clients’ security. Our dedicated support to the hospitality industry makes it eligible to offer the clients better than the best services and that too at nominal cost.

On other side, we also assist the hospitality industry in managing their in-house things, so that remain prepared and ready to cater the needs of the clients.

We have not bounded ourselves to provide only ‘particular’ solutions, but we believe in technical enhancement through innovation. One can always come to us with their ideas and we will be happy to convert them into technical solutions.


Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the biggest, most happening and most impactful thing in the near future. Probably, tomorrow’s world will be surrounded by IoT. Thus, Narola is playing its best cards to rule out the Internet of Things concept.

Everything around us is slowly changing into Internet of Things and Narola is contributing its part in transforming the daily common things. We have innovative approach towards digital reality and it could be brought through IoT. Thus, we are making our whole and sole effort in digitalizing the common things.

We are working with the vision to ‘weave the human life with IoT’ to make the things a lot easier, better and happening than now. With IoT, our goal is to create a new connected, secure and innovative world.

Revolution could not be brought in day and neither single handedly. Thus, we are working day-in day-out to create new innovations in IoT. Also, we welcome you on board to get us the ideas, so that we can build a masterpiece for you which can eventually help you in satisfying your respective goal.  

We are tech giants and have proven techniques as well as methodologies to bring the most awaited innovation. Be with us to get the best and stay the best in your respective commercial industry. We assure you to serve technical fruits through creative IoT.

Manufacturing Industry

Daily economical challenges, pressure to keep the delivery on the right time, need to monitor the work flow and keeping a keen check on the availability of the resources altogether trouble the manufacturing industry a lot. The manufacturers always look out for the technological solution to extensively meet these daily hacks and can ensure proper functioning of all the discussed elements. Having a solution like this can solve the problems up to largest possible extent.

We have realized the growing IT solution need of the manufacturers and have satisfied most of them with our innovative software app. We have delivered variety of such apps to the manufacturers to streamlines their business processes by acting as a middle man. These solutions also helped in minimizing their investment and increasing their. We have also developed software solution that can keep the record of the upcoming challenges and sources available to target them.

We have also helped them in developing a transparent mechanism between the department of the industry to keep all of them informed about their key tasks and the areas which require urgent attention. This has also helped them to improve their productivity and also assured quality manufacturing of the product. Also, we have offered technical solutions to address system-flaw and seamless delivery of the finished product.

The requirement, work-flow and nature of each manufacturing unit ramin different. Hence, we offer them the solution that best suit their needs. Discuss your requirements with us and we will offer you the matching solution.

Media & Entertainment

If we look at the statistics of the recent decade depicting the rise of the various industry verticals, we will notice that media & entertainment industry has received the largest ever boost. Yes, it is correct to say that there will be no stopping in the future as well because this industry is attracting the people of all age group. Also, if we consider the media part solely, it is acting as the backbone of other industry myriads.

Narola has always taken deep interest in the upliftment of the media & entertainment industry. We understand and know that the said industry and IT are interrelated, and the former is largely dependent on the latter for its inclusive as well as exclusive growth. Thus, we have involved the best part of our team to work on the development of the media & entertainment industry.

The media & entertainment sector is on various crucial verge from where it can only jump long if IT powers it up with the required boost, equipments and software. We dedicatedly help the media & entertainment category to have the IT solution based on their key requirements, and also look towards suggesting them the epic solution that can keep them an edge ahead in the competitive market.

Till now, we have served a lot of clients with number of useful applications, including- music, sound, video, audio, music-portals, sound-directories, customized mp3 players etc. These are the most common applications that customers expect but all in a different aspect. We feel proud that we have satisfied them all with the helpful apps loaded with advanced features.

We believe in making the reach of the clients towards their ultimate goal with the help of the technical solution. Media & entertainment being the most innovative industry require innovative hands to offer them help and we are best at the same! So you can always have our back to get the best of IT solutions.

Oil and Gas

The fluctuations in the prices of oil and gas plus the variability in the production followed by the push of the environment conditions affects the industry pretty much. In this opposite circumstances, technology solution can be a savior to put the same back on track. However, technology has always been part of the said industry, but here the requirements is for advanced technical terms good enough to stabilize uneven elements. Thus, the business hunks from these industry always look forward for the effective solution of the problem.

Narola has been the sole solution provider to the corporates from this industry. We  have developed certain technical mechanism encapsulated in the software apps that are capable of giving the right direction and help in the unfavorable conditions & circumstances. We have studied the crucial aspect of the industry and based on the same, we have developed several technological solution aimed to serve varied purposes. Factually, the same has resulted in keeping the cost low and escalating the ROI high.

We have helped several clients from oil and gas industry in cost cutting and in maintaining required balance between the different aspect of the business. We have also helped them in evaluating the productivity from varied  angles to help them look at the weaker section. You can also enjoy the same benefits, all you need to is to – contact us and discuss your business. We guarantee to offer the best solution at highly competitive rates.

Retail and Consumer Services

Retail and consumer services industry is on its all time high as the same is gaining the ultimate response of their target customers & prospects. Most of the businesses that fall into the same category have already went online and the remaining are preparing their boost to go with the wind. This however created a chaos of problem for the industry as the advancement and through boost has brought some problems along. These issues can be tackled with innovative technical reforms and can even add more charm to the industry.

Narola understand all the basic and rare problems that this industry faces. From managing the customers on the portal to making the same more user-friendly. From addressing the issues of the client to handle their problems, to maintain the inventory to calculating the investment,  we are accountable to manage each and everything to the right side through the technical solution. Our approach remain to convert odds into even; we just not look for providing the solution but a step ahead.

We do help the sector in building their online presence or to upgrade the existing one. From migration of the crucial data to handling the same for effective use, from integrating the relevant technical elements to keeping them secure, we do all to offer clients seamless benefits. Our solution helps the clients in reaching maximum customer satisfaction level, improve productivity and seamless functioning of the portal on the web.


The public and social utility industry is looking for the option to make reach to maximum prospects and keeping the existing one satisfied. They are altering their work mechanism in order to bring the advancement factor in the same. When it comes to the transformation of any sector in this age, we cannot overlook the digital methods as they are highly capable of converting the odds into even. While each and every industry is getting benefitted with the digitalization, Utility industry can even inch ahead than others, as it is more prone to the technical advancement features.

Narola have been serving the utility industry since long and has positively transformed the same in many ways. The clients from the said industry segment are enjoying greater benefits after placing our developed technical solution in the middle of the business processes. WE understand that utility industry deals with the basic and more regular requirements of the common individuals. Thus, the processes need to be fast to ensure quick delivery to the client. Our solution just not only monitor the basic work-flow but also carry a few crucial task. We bring methodological approach to the utility industry which is realized to be its prime requirement.

Another aspect of the utility industry ask for perfection and reduced cost. These two are also managed by the technical solution offered at Narola. This is how, we cover the industry from all possible sides and ensure it move towards utmost effectiveness.

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