Narola is well-versed with the cloud, and are using the same to the clients’ benefits since long to help them thousands of bucks and time that are wasted in dealing with the orthodox servers.

We are providing several cloud based services to the users, including – Heroku as the same is considered among the top rated cloud solutions in the industry. While creating a cloud environment for your business system, we took special care of security requirements and set of rules states by law. Our expertise in cloud consulting help us to offer client the service where it is needed, actually.

While people think, cloud service is much technical and has lots of security hacks, we let them in the real world of cloud, which saves cost, time and enable security of the system to the best. Cloud is no-alien, but can be dear friend to your system – if structured in a proper and productive way. And we take care of both these crucial part to the core. After-all, we have gain proficiency in providing the best cloud services to the client in time span of more than 5 years.

Our certified cloud professionals will assist you to build the cloud strategy, which will remain close to your system requirements and business needs. Our migration and integration plan will settle all your hosting services to the cloud and your business will be much progressive than ever.

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Steps We Take In All Projects


 01/ Co-Discover

We are artist when it comes to application development. Thus, we keep you at driver seat while developing your application, so that you can have full control and access over the project development activities.


 02/ Be The Leader

We make you the leader of your project right from the beginning and allow you to select your team from the pool of our 200 innovative developers.


 03/ Development

Participate in your project development procedure whenever you want. WE offer you the flexibility to be the center part in your project development process and allow you to monitor/inspect the activities as well as elements involved.


 04/ Launch

We will handover the application/project to you along with intellectual property rights once the application is developed and checked as per your requirements & set standards. However, you can always ask for help and support post app development as well.

You’re Just Going to Love It!

We offer the most competitive pricing plans.

  • Hourly
    • As Needed
    • Flexible Working Hours**
    • Weekly Billing
    • Daily Reporting
  • Most Popular
    • 160 Hours
    • Flexible Working Hours**
    • Monthly Billing
    • Daily Reporting
    • Money Back Guarantee***
  • Fix Quote
    • Hours as needed
    • Flexible Working Hours**
    • Milestone Billing
    • Daily Reporting

Rates May Vary

* Rates would vary according to the Work Complexity & Developer’s Experience

Flexible Working Hours

** Working hours can be synced with your time zone; involves a slight change in the pricing.

100% Money Back Guarantee

*** You have freedom to withdraw the project in the first 14 days. We shall refund the unutilized balance of the advance.

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