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Augmenting Private Clouds

Though late, but enterprises have finally understood the significance of the clouds. But the main problem with the enterprises is - they are not familiar with the cloud technology. In such case, the enterprises which have cloud in their system are not able to understand the things that are on premise and the ones which are on cloud. Thus, digital transformation is required to address the issue. Therefore, we offer complete package of cloud services, including - cloud infrastructure and cloud security. This will help enterprises in settling the issue and will get closer to cloud in understanding and living with it.

Demand For Cloud Enablement Solutions

The world is now more connected with advanced digital devices and technology. In this time when the enterprises are heading towards the complete digital transformation, the need for new cloud enablement solutions arises. As there are certain cases and situations where the connected devices will require the data from the cloud center and that too without human interpretation. Also, the cloud will required the IoTs to transform or transfer the data. Thus, to keep the data more intelligent, movable and accessible, cloud enablement is critical.

Digital Transformation Success

When we talk about this, we find software defined network in the center. The demand of the software defined data centers comes from the need for keeping workloads up with the trend. It also ask for the cyberchecks and a safe distance from possible security hacks. The changing dimension of the cloud security is the fine example of how cloud ventures are keen to innovate in this particular section. The main benefit such cloud security transformation is going to be the primary need of the enterprises having enabled cloud services.

Provisioning Of Cloud Resources

With cloud services marching to its peak, there is need to sit back and check the exact need of the cloud in an enterprise. One cannot simply go for the cloud services without having much of the knowledge about the key requirement of its system. There is a possibility that an enterprise model may not require a few of the cloud system or services. Further, one must understand the infrastructure of the cloud model that enterprise is going to adopt. This will also help in addressing the future needs. Also, the monitoring of the cloud system is critical along with management of the possible risks and security hacks.

The Narola's Advantage

With years of experience in reading, analyzing, developing, managing and working with cloud, Narola has a clear edge over its competitors. Narola looks towards the cloud in whole different manner as the technology is still in its shaping days and hence, there are a lot many possibilities of twist, turn, update and moderation. Having in-depth knowledge of the cloud system and with a zeal of making it fit for the enterprise use, Narola is best company to work with.

Five Stages of Cloud Engagement Model


Cloud Consult

The consultation helps in thorough analysis of your business to find out the type of cloud solution needed for your enterprise. It helps in figuring out key areas where cloud model can be placed and integrated with the system.

Cloud Design

Upon the successful business analysis, the next step is to design the cloud. At this stage, the cloud is architect as per the model of your business. It is the key part of cloud development and hence, often takes optimum time.


Cloud Build

The next stage is to build the cloud. It takes a lot of technical and logical help. Cloud engineers and experts are brought into the picture and are made responsible for the complete engineering of the cloud system w.r.t to requirements of your business.

Cloud Deliver

On accomplishing the above mentioned steps, the cloud go for final testing and quality assurance. Also, it goes for mock operations. If everything goes well, the cloud is delivered to the enterprises for use.


Cloud Operate

It requires technical expertise to operate the cloud. The training is then offered to the in-house employees of the business. The technical support is offered time to time and help is offered in case of cloud misbehavior or malfunction.

Our Domain Expertise

Narola has good hold over the cloud and its subdomain.

We are constantly delivering ace of the cloud services with high proficiency in following domains:


Building the cloud apps for in-house and customer use to widen your growth prospects.


Digitally mobilizing the cloud, so that it can be used on the go without any hiccups.


Making the perfect balance between public and private cloud infrastructure for proper functioning.


Building the cloud infrastructure pertaining to the mode of the business and working model.


Securing your cloud system from all possible technical, digital and cyber hacks.


Measuring the capability and functionality of the cloud system for further advancement.

Our Technology Practice

We are proficient in all the main stream cloud technologies including the expert hand in the following

Continuous Integration

CI DevOps - Automated builds - integrated code-analysis and code-review - Jenkins, FindBugs

Quality Engineering

QE Tester - Automated testing - mock, functional, performance, scalability - Selenium, Robot, Appium


Full-Stack Developers - Web, UI, Mobile Apps - Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, NoSQL, xUnit, Karma.JS


Experienced 24x7 CloudOps and SecOps IT teams to manage full life-cycle of cloud applications and L1 and L2 technical support.


UX Designers - Ontology, Wireframes, Interactions, Visual Designs, Usability - Balsamiq, Axure, InVision

Continuous Delivery

CD Continuous Delivery - Automate cloud delivery - AWS, Azure, GCE, OpenStack - Docker, Chef, Puppet, Python

Why Cloud Transformation

Basically, cloud transformation is the need of big enterprise and business system.

It helps in proper management of the working model in all the aspects.

End to End Approach

It helps your big enterprise models to work in syn and in proper format while making feasible end to end approach.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in cloud services gives your business an upper hand in managing it core procedures well and without any technical hack.

Our Cloud Solution

The wide range of cloud solution helps in transforming your business from every aspect. These solutions add to potential business growth.

Our Technological Expertise

Our Clients are Amazing

Stories Of People Impressed By Our Service Offerings

  • Narola Infotech helped me configure the positioning of these customized Joomla modules using CSS to place them as per my design screenshot. They also agreed to work on a Saturday (for a bonus) so that it would be done by Monday. Thanks!!!

    Kimo Lee
    Kimo Lee Azurelink | USA
  • Very happy. Delivered in less hours and duration than estimated and provided regular detailed communications throughout.

    Chris Zemdegs
    Chris Zemdegs Infront Systems | Australia

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