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The data integration in itself is a big term and a productive aspect for the enterprise business structure. Combining the power of both, the business can gain beyond the measurable extent. The storage of all the big data, collected from various resources, at one single point and further analysis of such vast data work for the betterment of the organization.

The retrieval, filter and processing of data now has a lot of algorithms associated with it. This makes the data more apt for the organizational use. The forming of the final data center goes through the big data strategy which involves a lot of mechanism and functions and can be performed only under big data and data service experts.



Storage of the big data is equally big challenge. Implementing big data ecosystem is another complicated task which needs a lot of time and a team of expert. In such scenario, data warehousing emerge as a savior that intelligently store the data and can be processed further as per the current and future needs.

  • Plan data warehouse capacities for current and future use
  • Optimize Big Data infrastructure for your workflow
  • Incorporate data from new and traditional sources
  • Blend the right technologies to achieve specific goals
  • Build optimized data structures


With the help of big data analytics, information can be retrieved from the data on the go. This information is used for several enterprise procedures and set-up. Machine learning, data analytics play a key role in processing the information and helping the organization to take faster decision complying them to take immediate action whenever required.

  • Increase efficiency of the data analytics process
  • Apply modern techniques like Naïve Bayes, Hidden Markov Models, Gradient Boosted Models, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, self-learning models, etc.
  • Test and adopt new tools such as Hadoop, SAP Hana, Hive and Python to generate more impactful results
  • Draw a more complete picture of your information
  • Incorporate advanced analytics like complex event processing, sentiment analysis and SPSS modeling
  • Leverage the expertise of over 100 data scientists and data engineers


The raw data is highly complicated and is much difficult to understand. Data visualization helps in turning raw data into meaningful one. This is done on the basis of adaptability of computing system in reading and analysing the processed bunch of data. Further business intelligence helps with technological transformation of the data into business language so that it can be understood well and can answer the questions effectively.

  • Build industry-specific templates
  • Design executive summary dashboards
  • Get data-driven insights as they occur
  • Access results fast with in-memory visualization
  • Develop action plans based on clearly presented data
  • Access dashboards on mobile devices


The big data when integrated with the business system can be productive result. The data analytics can help in reading & recording the steps of the customers and choices they make. This data can further be processed to marketing department to allow them to create strategy as per the moves of the customers. Big data services can be placed at many junctions into the system to record variety of information that remain beneficial for the company.

  • Design and deploy solutions for internal or external use
  • Map custom-built application to business needs
  • Leverage our product managers, business experts, UI specialists
  • Support campaign optimization with NAVIK Converter
  • Run concept tests with NAVIK Concept Test
  • Reduce sales cycle time with NAVIK for Sales


With big data becoming the crucial element for the businesses of all type, get a big data application developed to explore, analyze, manage, operate and access the variety of data. This can help you in maintaining your business procedures effectively especially the ones in which the data play a key role.

  • Get mobile or web-ready apps
  • Support real time, near real time or batch processing
  • Collaborate on the most effective UI design
  • Integrate the app with your existing big data framework

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